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Champions League: FC Sheriff’s Traore set two records in victory over Shakhtar Donetsk

The Afrikaans star wrote his name in the history books of the competition while the Yellow Blacks subjugated the Miners

Two records tumbled for Adama Traore when FC sheriff defeated Shakhtar Donetsk 2-0 in Wednesday’s Champions League match.

Along with Dimitris Kolovos, Frank Castaneda and Jasur Jakhshibaev, the Mali international was named in Yuriy Vernydub’s starting line-up for the match against the Ukrainian Premier League kit.

He took the top flight from Moldova in the 16th minute after being dished out by Cristiano da Silva.

Cristiano’s long-busting run from left-back completed his part in the goal with a thumb-perfect cross for Traore, whose acrobatic flight scrambled goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov’s net.

In the process, he made his name in the history books by becoming the player to score Sheriff’s first goal in the Champions League, with the team’s first hit on goal in the tournament.

The 26-year-old also became the first player to be affiliated with Mali on his Champions League debut.

The victory was claimed two minutes after the hour by Guinean star Momo Yansane.

While the hosts exerted tremendous pressure, the sheriff ran forward thanks to Cristiano’s determined determination to keep the ball in play, before composing himself and curling up another accurate cross for an unmarked Yansane home from 10 yards out. to go.

The Moldovans sat deep and allowed the Ukrainians to attack without giving up clear chances, maybe it was Vernydub’s team that came closest to scoring the third goal of the night, but Frank Castaneda’s attempt is well saved by Pyatov.

Traore was in action from start to finish, while Ghana’s Edmund – who got a place in the starting line-up – was replaced five minutes out of the all-time by Addo Stjepan Radeljic.

Elsewhere, Charles Petro (Malawi), Nadrey Dago (Ivory Coast) and Moussa Kyabou (Mali) play no part in the match at Sheriff Stadium.

For the Ukrainians, they had the Burkina Faso international Lassina Traore from start to finish in their attack.

Shakhtar Donetsk will aim to bounce back when it welcomes the Series A kit at the NSC Olimpiyskiy on 28 September.

Before that, they take Mariupol and Veres Rivne on the home scene.

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