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Chelsea star Havertz explains why FIFA and PES are behind the decision to carry number 29

The German international took a while to find his feet in English football, but ended his debut campaign as a Champions League winner

Kai Havertz revealed why he won the no. 29 shirt, while the Chelsea forward has filled the jersey since bursting out on a senior stage at Bayer Leverkusen.

It was happy for him, with huge progress in his homeland when he became a full-fledged German and signed a big money at Stamford Bridge.

He is also A Champions League winner, after scoring the decisive goal in a major European final last season, and will not change number any time soon.

What was said?

Ask through The Athletics Hovertz said why he no. 29: ‘When I was young, I always played FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer with my brother.

“We always made ourselves in the game. I had number 10, gold shoes and stuff like that. My brother always put number 29 on his shirt.

“When I got to the professional game and Leverkusen asked me what number I wanted, I asked them what numbers were free. When they said 29, I said I would take it because of my brother.

“Sometimes it’s lucky for me, sometimes not, but I like the number and now I think everyone knows me for it.”

Will Havertz play for Chelsea as No. 29?

Kai Havertz Man City vs Chelsea Champions League final 2020-21

The 22-year-old took a while to find his feet in English football completion of a £ 70 million ($ 97 million) move from Leverkusen.

However, he ended his debut season positively with a goal won in the Champions League fulfills a false nine role under Thomas Tuchel, and a warm prospect believes that more is to come from him.

Havertz added: “We have so much talent in our team, so many young players with so much potential.

“It always takes a little time. Timo [Werner] and I started the first game (against Brighton). I practiced with the team for a week and a half and no one knew me, no one had an understanding with me.

“It was difficult for everyone. Timo was a little taller than me, but it was hard for the first few months.

‘It takes some time, but if you get a £ 80 million transfer, people expect you to play like that, even though you do not have time to adjust. Now I think we get used to it, and we I’m very glad to be here. “

He went on to say about his role in Tuchel’s plans: ‘I like to go into the box and score goals, maybe from first contact or two.

“I’m more or less a midfielder, but I like to go in the box, and maybe that’s why not every defensive player has me in mind – I just run through the midfield and then I’m there.

Chelsea are currently counting down the days following a UEFA Super Cup clash with Villarreal next Wednesday and a 2021-22 Premier League season opener against Crystal Palace on 14 August.

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