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Chlorine has a great chance of winning trophies in Manchester City, Olorundare suggests

The Nigerian top flight veteran mentions the reason why the English international should leave Spurs for the reigning English champions

Playing for Manchester City would give Harry Kane a “big chance” to win trophies, according to former Nigerian international Dele Olorundare.

Kane (28) is expected to return to the Tottenham Hotspur squad before the start of the 2021-22 Premier League campaign.

However, the attacker did not show up, and this sparked rumors that he was moving to Pep Guardiola’s citizens.

According to former TKI Tavsanlı Linyitspor and Sunshine Stars’ goal trader, the English international’s non-performance could mark the end of his career on Hotspur Way.

Even so, he supports Kane’s effort to represent the giants of the Etihad Stadium, as his career at the Spurs did not yield trophies.

“I think it could be a strong indication that the English captain is no longer interested in playing for Tottenham Hotspur,” Olorundare said. Purpose.

‘If that is the case, the club should let him go in peace and start buying a replacement for the Premier League immediately a few weeks later.

‘Many would say he does not set a good example as captain, but the reality is that no player wants to play for a club that is not guaranteed to win titles, and I think that’s what’s playing out here.

Harry Kane Tottenham

Kane made his senior debut for Spurs in 2011 and has since appeared in 336 games in all competitions for the London club.

“Kane has served the club diligently, but what would count at the end of his career is how many trophies he has won with the London club,” he said.

‘Despite his enormous contributions to the club and his attacking skill, it is disturbing that he will not win anything with it yet.

‘To make matters worse, they will not play in the Uefa Champions League next season.

‘The handwriting is on the wall and his wish is to represent Manchester City – which I think is a fantastic decision. All I expect from Spurs now is to give him a fitting outing.

‘I think his time at Tottenham Hotspur is up, and I’m convinced joining the crowd would offer a great chance to win trophies.

“For this unique reason, I support him working with Pep Guardiola’s team.”

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