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Cracking whip: FKF suspends top referees due to alleged ‘match manipulation’

The local federation decides to immediately ban five top match officials, citing allegations about match solutions in the top flight

Football Kenya Federation has suspended five top referees accusing them of allegedly fixing matches in the Premier League.

In a statement obtained by Purpose Signed by Barry Otieno, CEO of FKF.

What was said?

“The Kenyan Football Federation, as a precautionary measure and to protect the integrity of its leagues and competitions, has suspended five FKF-PL match officials for the time being, who were allegedly involved in match manipulations,” read part of the statement.

The five, whose suspensions will take effect immediately, include Fifa-accredited referee Raymond Onyango, Samuel Mwaura, Isaac Memusi, Collins Opiyo and Japheth Juma.

“In addition, the federation’s integrity department, with the help of Fifa, has initiated preliminary investigations into the individuals with the aim of establishing their involvement, if any, in the mentioned match-fixing practices.

Barry Otieno, CEO of FKF.

‘Nevertheless, the federation remains confident in the integrity of the FKF-PL and, with the help of Fifa, has set up and continuously updated its platform for detecting match manipulations with a view to protecting and protecting the integrity of all its competitions against worldwide. match-fixers. ”

Toe Fifa Zoo FC banned

The Kenyan league has been hit with complaints about match-fixing, a move that has caused the World Governing Body, Fifa, to decline from the highest flight.

In the relegation of the zoo on May 4, 2021, Fifa said in a letter sent by Purpose and signed by the Chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, Alejandro: “The FIFA Disciplinary Committee finds the club Zoo FC responsible for activities related to the manipulation of football matches and competitions.

‘The club Zoo FC is hereby suspended from the Kenyan Premier League season 2020/2021 from the date of notification of the current decision. The Fifa Disciplinary Committee hereby recommends the relegation of the first team of the club Zoo FC to the FKF Division One for the next season.

The Fifa Disciplinary Committee recommends that the club Zoo FC contact Fifa within the next 30 days after notification of this decision and set up a prevention plan as an educational mandate designed to manipulate football matches and competitions. to prevent and combat. “

The Kenyan league ends on August 22.

Further reading of the FKF Premier League

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