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‘Cristiano is a perfectionist’ – Carvalho explains why Ronaldo and Mbappe are so successful

The former Portugal defender played with an all-time great for his country and with a World Cup winner in Monaco

Ricardo Carvalho lifted the lid on why Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe reached the very top of the game and maintain remarkable standards that few can hope to fit.

The former international defender of Portugal played for many years with the five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo and along the way enjoyed the glory of Euro 2016, as well as three seasons together at Real Madrid.

Carvalho saw Ronaldo at the peak of his career, but there was no sign of the 36-year-old icon being able to let his powers wane any time soon, and is not surprised that he is the great stands at the pinnacle of his profession.

What was said?

Carvalho tells FourFourTwo to the question of whether the world sees the real Ronaldo: ‘I think people do it now, yes.

“He has grown a lot over the years and is much more mature. However, one thing has not changed: his whole life revolves around being successful in everything he does.

“Cristiano is a perfectionist. He demands nothing of you that he cannot do himself.

“People can criticize him and disagree with him, but there is no doubt that as a footballer he is the greatest symbol of Portugal worldwide – and on his own merits he has been in that position for many years.”

What about Mbappe?

Kylian Mbappe France 2021

After leaving Ronaldo and Real behind in 2013, Carvalho took the opportunity to link up with Monaco in Ligue 1.

It was in Stade Louis II that he first encountered a premature talent that would have a similar impact on a global stage as Ronaldo once did.

At 22 years old, Mbappe is a four-time title winner in his native France and a world champion from 2018.

On the obvious potential that is still unlocked by a man in the last year of his contract at Paris Saint-Germain, Carvalho added: ‘He is a five-star person.

‘The best of football is when you meet kids like him who become idols to a bunch of people, and then you realize that he has not changed a bit about the boy you knew. This is Mbappe.

“It was amazing to see a talent like him come up. We had a good relationship, and recently, when I was Marseille’s assistant coach, we played PSG in the French Super Cup. He came to our bench to see me. to give a hug.

“In Monaco, everything we’ve talked about has the sole purpose of helping him improve.

‘When you start and have the qualities you have, you can be more individualistic than you should, so it was important for him to improve his decision-making.

“He always wanted to do more and felt he could do it, but it’s crucial to find balance for the team. That’s how he reached this level.”

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