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‘Dani Alves would be a great addition to the Egyptian league’ – Abdelaty of Pharco FC

Head coach of the newly promoted Egyptian top plane would like to see the Brazil icon in El Geish Stadium

Dani Alves “would be a great addition to the Egyptian league”, according to Magdy Abdelaty, head coach of Pharco FC, who hopes the Sao Paulo star will join his team.

After an automatic promotion to Egypt’s elite division after winning their 16-team group, the outfit in Alexandria wants to sign the Brazilian legend.

Taking into account the transfer rumor, the tactician said that the person’s personal relationship with the club’s owner could realize this.

He also announced that the presence of the 38-year-old would be a big boost for the North African league.

“Dani Alves has had a personal relationship with the company’s president and officials since working with them years ago to promote the hepatitis C vaccine,” Abdelaty told OnTime Sport TV Kingfut.

“Alves has promised Pharco officials since last year that if the team moves up to the Egyptian Premier League, he will not consider joining them, but we do not want his current desire or his contract with the Brazilian club Sao Paulo. have not.

“Of course Dani Alves will be a very big addition to the Egyptian league, given his achievements with Barcelona and the Brazilian national team.”

Pharco owner Shreen Helmy has revealed he wants to bring the former Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain star to the club, while expressing his hope of working with Lionel Messi on a charity business.

“I’m working on bringing Dani Alves from Sao Paulo because we can benefit from his experience,” he said. ElHadath AlYoum.

‘I met Alves and he told me he wanted to play for Sao Paulo since he was 8 years old, and I think I can bring him to the Egyptian Premier League.

“We negotiated with Messi” not to join our club, but to strengthen the relationship with the player after his contribution to the treatment of hepatitis C. “

At the moment, his veteran club Sao Paulo – after joining the Parisians in 2019 – is the veteran full-back part of the Brazilian group for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

The South Americans would hope to retain the gold medal in the men’s soccer event. However, they must first negotiate in Group D on Germany, Côte d’Ivoire and Saudi Arabia.

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