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Darren Clarke CBD adds gummies to series – Golf News

Darren Clarke CBD, the exclusive partnership between the big winner Darren Clarke and Sana Lifestyle, distributor and licensee of CBD and other plant-based wellness products, adds premium CBD gums to its existing range of CBD oils.

The gums each contain 10 mg of CBD and can be taken as a supplement by users of Darren Clarke CBD oils, or themselves, and can be consumed at any time of the day. However, to get the best out of the consumption on game day, Darren Clarke recommends CBD to chew for up to an hour before starting. There are also 12 different vitamins and minerals in the gums, which give you a boost during the course.

Darren Clarke’s CBD gum each contains 5 HTP, a natural amino acid that is a precursor to serotonin, and is intended to increase serotonin levels after consumption, which can help the brain with mood regulation.

The gums, offered in a blend of strawberry and orange flavors, are 100% natural, certified as non-addictive, contain 0% THC and are vegan.

“I’m very excited to add a new product to our range at Darren Clarke CBD.” says Clarke. “It’s great to be able to expand our offer to consumers. The gummies taste delicious and give a big boost to the course, so I can not wait for golfers to try them.

Darmen Clarke’s CBD gummies can be purchased online at www.DarrenClarkeCBD.co.uk. RRP £ 20 per bottle.

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