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Darren Clarke CBD Introduces New Premium Downtown Oils – Golf News

Darren Clarke CBD, an exclusive partnership between the biggest winner, Darren Clarke OBE and Sana Lifestyle, distributor and licensee of CBD and other plant-based wellness products, is launching a range of premium oils that will raise the bar in the golf downtown market. .

Darren Clarke CBD offers golfers a reliable, premium product that acts on the body’s endocannabinoid system; a network of receptors that interact with different cannabinoids to maintain life functions and improve sleep quality, reduce pain, reduce anxiety levels and boost the immune system response.

On the course, downtown oil helps golfers sharpen and maintain focus, and it is seen to reduce nervousness while playing. CBD can also be an important part of a golfer’s wellness routine and is claimed to speed up muscle recovery and relieve joint pain.

To differentiate Darren Clarke CBD from its competitors, the products are extensively tested by third-party regulators and ensure that they contain 0% THC, which means they are safe, non-psychoactive and ready to consume.

“I am delighted that I have partnered with Sana Lifestyle to launch a range of oil products for consumers who are actively researching CBD wellness products they can trust,” said Clarke. ‘I’ve always tried to find marginal gains when it comes to my golf, and we’re always looking for ways to improve our personal well-being.

“It will give golfers of all levels a better state of mind to stay calm under stress, enable them to deal with disappointment and keep the focus on the game ahead. I can not wait to share our products with the golf community. ‘

Sana Lifestyle is one of the UK’s largest wellness distributors and, along with their sister company Sana Healthcare (an MHRA and domestic office licensed medicine importer), is one of the UK’s most trusted distributors of cannabis products. They bring confidence, transparency and expertise into a complex industry that is often surrounded by stigma.

Darren Clarke CBD initially introduced two fragrances of premium CBD Oil; Precision orange and precision bush fruits. These fragrances are available in two strengths: 1000 mg and 2000 mg, with a recommended retail price of £ 49.00 and £ 69.00 respectively.

Ben Hamburger, managing director of Sana Lifestyle, said of the upcoming launch: “Everyone at Sana Lifestyle is very excited to launch Darren Clarke CBD, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to break through to the golf market.

“Darren is the ideal ambassador for our brand and the sport we all love, and we can’t wait to take our first steps in the golf industry.”

Darren Clarke CBD can initially be purchased online at www.DarrenClarkeCBD.co.uk, and will be available nationwide in a variety of U.S. Golf stores.

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