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Deshaun Watson to the Eagles, according to NFL insiders There have been stranger things; plus, the Bears settle for Andy Dalton.

Do not take the Philadelphia Eagles as Deshaun Watson’s strong supporter. So many points of ownership links have blurred my way to dismiss this feeling.

The more you consider, the more sense it makes. The more you ask that earlier you did not follow the avenue.

The more you wonder that this front does not include more news. Since crazy stuff happens by a long way in the league.

The Texans’ signature on Tuesday for future bridge starter Tyrod Taylor only strengthened the impression within the NFL execs that Watson is being handled and that it will be handled before the draft has been adopted. Some of the skeptics even lifted their eyes. The Eagles are undoubtedly actively watching and assessing the situation in Watson. This will be denied by none in the organisation.

NFL rumors: Texans apparently won't trade Deshaun Watson to Eagles for  Carson Wentz — and would only do a deal with Jets - nj.com

The Eagles are always one of the most aggressive exploration businesses and General Manager Howie Roseman is as willing as the NFL dealer. Blockbuster trade, including unconventional dealings, is a specialty (i.e. the Carson Wentz trades they have pulled off). Any of the Eagles brass will continue to poo-poo the notion about their interest by noting that about 30 teams have to pay heed to these conditions, but my feeling is that this is something more than just an idea on the fringe.

“I hear it’s pretty much at the level of management,” as one source of the league called it.
GM said: Anothr GM “Howie can I be surprised by Watson trading? No. No. Now you’re talking about it.”
This was the docile beginning of the league year in Eagles’s recent history, without actions beyond the Wentz wage dump. Once again, this franchise is the sixth overall selection — it rarely takes so far — and the Jalen Hurts unproven on the top of the quarterback depth chart and likely to slip through a draft very firmly outside of one of the Top Two or Three. Why go for a thing that is far from certain if you can bundle Watson’s draft capital?

The Eagles have four of the first 85 selections in this draft and maybe a potential first rounder based on how the Colts are dealing with Wentz. They do not have to exceed several draft properties to reach their quarterback, and I have been old enough to recall 2016 when the eighth-to-second Eagles were chosen for Wentz – the 8th selection, the 77th selection and the 100th in 2016, as well as their first selection in 2017 and second selection in 2018.

A comparable package worth landing Watson in his prime on a decent contract, with 10 picks in total, including the sixth, 37th, 70th and 85st draft. That will start the reconstruction of the Texans and they don’t need to land their QB now, while Trey Lance is probably all of you if you love him eighth. Throw one and two, maybe a player, into the future.

Recall that Jeffrey Lurie is still a willing contributor, and the limit shoots up to 2023. At the time, the NFC East is stinking, so it doesn’t take so much to win it. It’s not going to take so long to get it. The company recalibrates and in 2021, may or may not be in the cards with Watson – it is still not the end of the universe with him in the mid-20s. Time is on their side. Time is on their side.

As much as we know that the Panthers like, and the Patriots will also probably, and the 49ers hold their eyes close, and maybe it makes sense for Miami, it is as much – if not more – that makes sense for Philly. The organizational DNA of the Eagles is quite relevant. And they can at least seriously explore this opportunity.

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