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Do not even watch television, let’s at least be part of the competitiveness

Prospective cricketer Jemimah Rodrigues has continued her quest to bring in an IPL for women to discover more talented cricketers in the country. She said the planning does not have to be deep, but must first be started and then continued.

Jemimah was determined that a competition like the IPL for women would help young people rub shoulders with the international players. This will not only help the future prospects, it will also help the already established players to improve their game as well.

Jemimah Rodrigues [Image-Twitter]

I have played a lot of domestic cricket, and I also follow the Mumbai team. I feel we can start with a T20 challenge for women, maybe not an eight-team pool, but a five- or six-team, but then we can only know if we have the players or not.

I can ask you about this, the IPL, how it started and how it took off … we currently have so many IPL players who are part of the Indian team, maybe even as the mainstays of the team. I would also say that if you will, at least do not start on television; let’s be part of the competitiveness“Jemimah Rodrigues spoke on the program ‘What’s Up With Women’s Cricket’.

IPL Trophy
IPL Trophy (Image Credit: Twitter)

‘Maybe we can start with fewer teams’ – Jemimah Rodrigues if the players are not enough

The BCCI is considering whether there will be enough teams and players to make the business a success. They may be worried if the tournament does not work out as they plan. According to Jemimah, this is one of the biggest factors holding it back.

I do not know. In the end, I just want to go out and play games, because that’s maybe what I’m assuming. “What if it’s not as good as expected?”, And that’s why they’re holding it back …

jemimah rodrigues

Clearly, we want the Women’s T20 Challenge to take place, and BCCI is trying very hard to do that. But there are always these questions. “We may not have the players”, then maybe we can start with fewer teams,She added.

The young man cites the example of Shafali Verma, who reached her peak in her teens. She was known in the domestic circle, but her big breakthrough came when she pulled a famous bowler on a larger stage.

Shafali Verma
Shafali Verma. Image Twitter.

You may find many more people like Shafali Verma. She made her debut in the Indian women’s team after the T20 challenge. Everyone knew she could do it in the house, but the fastest bowler, (Lea) Tahuhu, threw a bouncer and pulled it. This young 15-year-old just pulled it off, and it caught the selectors that if she can do it here, she can do it for the Indian team, and now she’s one of the best batsmen in the T20,Shut down Jemimah.

Jemimah recently participated in The Hundred, where she shared locker rooms with experienced players from big teams such as England and Australia.

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