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Dolson, Team USA, wins 3×3 women’s basketball gold at Tokyo Olympics

Stefanie Dolson scored a game-high seven points, including the last three for her team, which included nine rebounds, including keyboards late, and was the difference in an 18-15 win over Russia as Team USA claimed the gold. made. medal during the first 3×3 Olympic tournament in Tokyo on Wednesday morning.

Dolson made it 18-14 in the U.S. after an attacking board and imposition with 31 seconds left and also got the next rebound of the game, a defensive one, which enabled the U.S. to turn down another 12 seconds . That left Russia with one more possession and Anastasia Logunova’s foot-on-the-line with four more ticks to go was not enough.

Russia won the silver medal and China won bronze.

A two by Yulia Kozik with 44 seconds left made it interesting as it cut the U.S. lead to 17-14. Two Dolson free kicks with 1:16 to play made it 17-12.

The US avoided sending Russia to the line, made 8-of-11 free throws and won the battle on the glass 21-11.

Dolson was difficult to control during the Olympics, but alternated the spotlight with Kelsey Plum and Allisha Gray. On Wednesday, Gray hit four points and six rebounds, while Plum was good for five points and a block. Although Jackie Young’s numbers were not as flashy as the other three, she was consistently solid and added two points and three boards on Wednesday. Young replaced Katie Lou Samuelson at the Olympics because Samuelson tested positive for COVID-19 on July 17th.

The U.S. had a chance to run away with it, as he faced 12:55 with 3:53, but Kozik responded with a two-point answer three seconds later. The USA never lagged behind and the game was a draw only once, at 1-1.

Logunova put Russia ahead with six points, five rebounds and two blocks. Olga Frolkina adds just one point, but draws three boards, four assistants and a block to go along with four points, two rebounds and an assist from Kozik and four points from Evgenia Frolkina.

Russia was better than the USA from within the arc, kept it from within to 0-from-7 and prevented him from getting any help but still losing.

Bronze Medal Match: China over France, 16-14

France were able to force China to lose the ball by three seconds, but then a pass from Marie-Eve Paget hoped to Mamignan Toure, and two from the right corner sailed out of bounds and China ran out of the remaining 0.5. seconds.

Ana Maria Filip misses a controversial try from the left corner of the front edge with 13 seconds left. That would have tied the game for France. China went up nearly three when a 57-second Zhiting Zhang imposition was left, but a trip was called. Six seconds before that, Paget buried a two to cut it to 16-14.

The biggest shot of the match was a two-pointer from Shuyu Yang that made China play 16:10 at 1:10. Not only did it kill France’s momentum at the time (it was a 3-0 run with the youngest basket coming 10 seconds earlier), but it also provided the cushion that China ultimately needed.

China led through three different times, with the final appearance on a Lili Wang two making it 14-9 with 2:24 ahead. Wang scored a nine-point game to pass along with four rebounds and an assistant.

Toure scored seven of France’s first nine points and finished with eight and a block.

Zhang finishes with two points, seven rebounds and an assist while teammate Jiyuan Wan gives up two points and four assists. Yang rounded off China’s contributors by three points to give a setback.

Paget was 2-out-4 from distance and bagged five points as well as three rebounds. Filip (three rebounds) was kept to one point and Laetitia Guapo (one block) was kept pointless.

Both teams were perfect from the stripe, but China had three free throws compared to France’s one.

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