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DRS intends to be present in the forthcoming BBL, as the tournament officials aim to mimic the ECB’s excessive rule on slow play

Before the upcoming season of the Big Bash League (BBL) officials are looking at rules to ensure that the duration of matches is shortened, and in an effort to do so, they are closely monitoring the ECB’s newly established infringement rule for the first season.Hundred‘.

The ECB on Monday announced the playing conditions for the ‘Hundred’, which includes forcing the bowling team guilty of breaching the rate to bring an extra fielder into the 30-meter circle since the penalty was imposed.

The average time it takes to complete a BBL match has exploded over the past few years, and league boss Alistair Dobson has admitted that a rule similar to the Hundred and One already in the Vitality T20 -explosion exists, where an extra fielder must be brought inside the circle for each ball delivered within the designated time interval of one hour and 15 minutes per innings, which can play in the upcoming season of the T20 league.

“It will probably take something so creative to reverse the trend,” Alastair Dobson told cricket.com.au. “There’s a whole range of levers you can pull, whether it’s such fines or incentives the other way around,” he added.

“I think it’s a very creative way and if it can be applied effectively and everyone knows what the rules are, I think it’s an interesting way to do it,” he added.

“We are very aware of the length of games. Our data shows that over the past few years they have started to increase more than we probably would have liked, and this is something we are carefully examining in terms of the options we have. He said.

Do you want to introduce DRS in the coming season of the BBL?

BBL [Image-Getty]

Apart from this, the BBL bigwigs also want to introduce a handful of new rules for the coming season

The new set of rules will probably include the launch of the ‘Decision Review System’ for the first time ever in the competition.

The lack of DRS became a raging point of discussion last season after an abundance of abysmal decisions by the referees.

“If we bring something in, it will be unique to the BBL,” he said. “Our proposal is about fast, quick entertainment and putting children and families first, so if we bring in something, there’s an opportunity to do something really creative about it,” he said.

“It’s on the map. Whatever we bring in must be reliable and deliverable. If we play at one day at a mix of big stadiums and local venues and multiple matches, it all creates some considerations that probably do not exist in many other competitions. Dobson added.

The playing conditions could possibly be settled in the coming months, which will probably also determine the fate of the three gimmicks that the BBL introduced last season – Power Surge, the Big Bash Boost and X-factor player.

“Nothing is locked up, but there are some ideas floating around that we think might be interesting,” Dobson said. “It’s clear that the Power Surge was a hit (last season and) I think it’s fair to say we’ll keep it. It was more successful than we could probably hope for.

The Bash Boost and X-Factor, in our opinion, played a role in general, but there are still a few steps in the process that still need to take time before it can be fixed. “Every year we have a process where we consider new ideas and playing conditions, and we are prepared to bring in everything we think will contribute to the competition,” he added.

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