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Ederson wants to replace De Bruyne in downtown Man City and still has a penalty dream

The Brazilian goalkeeper is considered the technical skill with which he can work further in the field

Manchester City goalkeeper Ederson has joked that he will welcome an opportunity to replace Kevin De Bruyne in the Blues’ midfield, while the Brazilian international claims that such a move ‘will not change anything’. .

A gold glove that the 28-year-old wins has since regularly seen his technical abilities completed a major money move to the Etihad Stadium in 2017.

City have a history when it comes to playing goalkeepers on the field, with Stuart Pearce bringing David James on the bench as a goal scorer in the final day of Middlesbrough in 2005, and Ederson says he’s in the footsteps of the former English star would be.

What was said?

Ederson said CityTV when I discussed James ‘como against Boro:’ If I had gone into the field like that, I would not have asked to be an attacker.

“I would prefer to play in midfield. In Kevin’s place!

“If I were to choose, if someone asked me to play, I would say, ‘Pull De Bruyne down and play me! “It would not change anything! ”

Will Ederson take a penalty kick?

Ederson Pep Guardiola Manchester City GFX

The chances of Ederson playing a foreign role for City appear to be high, and Pep Guardiola is not the kind of coach to take unnecessary risks or make strange choices.

However, it may be that at some point a South American star will have the opportunity to prove his worth of the place.

City have experienced a lot of struggles with penalty goals in the last few years asks that Ederson get a chance to increase in intensity.

He is one of the cleanest ball holders in the Blues’ books and while giving little away in terms of technique, he still makes no secret of the fact that he would like from 12 yards to a goal kick.

Ederson added when asked about how he would take a penalty kick: “I do not know. It depends on the game, what the game brings.

“Of course the pressure is higher, it’s 0-0. Also in a penalty kick, but if you win 3-0 and there is a penalty kick, the player is much more relaxed.

“But I do not know how I would take it. But I can not say anyway. I did not take one and I do not give any tips to the opponents. I hope it happens one day and you will see.”

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