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Edges cover ‘all the problems Chelsea have’ – Ziyech

The 28-year-old explains the importance of the French midfielder before the new season

Hakim Ziyech has revealed the importance of having N’Golo Kante available at Chelsea midfield.

The two players combined well during the friendly match against Tottenham earlier this week, while Kante laid down the help of Ziyech, who ran forward to break the goal at Stamford Bridge.

Ziyech scored two goals in the match against their opponents in North London, who came from behind to secure a 2-2 draw.

The Moroccan midfielder discussed what it is like to play with Kante.

“If you have NG behind you, you always know that he’s clearing everything behind you, and he covers all the problems we’re behind, so if he does not play, you feel it straight,” Ziyech told the club official. said. website.

On his second goal, Ziyech said: ‘The second goal was a good combination and ended up in the net, and the first one, I think they lost it, and Timo made a good run and made room for me to to shoot, so they were two good targets.

“It was a nice evening, from the beginning I enjoyed it, and I also showed in the performance that I enjoyed it.”

In a recent interview, Ziyech said he feels sharp and ready to start the Premier League campaign.

“I feel wonderful, sharp. I think for everyone that the holidays were good. At the moment we can show our best, we are all hungry and sharp,” Ziyech said. said.

“The biggest thing is to get the rhythm back, to get fit again, to get the minutes in the leg. The most important thing is to be ready for the real work.

‘It’s always nice for the confidence, but it’s not the biggest thing in the first place.

“We now enjoy every moment on the field, especially with the crowd in the stadiums. It was a nice evening.”

Chelsea begin their campaign in the Premier League with a home game against Crystal Palace on 14 August.

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