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ENG vs IND: Rohit Sharma reacts to his dismissal in the first innings of the Nottingham Test

Indian opener Rohit Sharma displays his high class on day 2 of the running Nottingham Test to give India a decent opening. The Mumbaikar formed a crucial standings with 97 runs KL Rahul to provide a perfect base for the middle-order batsmen.

Just before lunch, however, Rohit somehow lost his concentration and fired a hit. Ollie Robinson, just to find Sam Curran in the fine leg. Rohit recorded 36 runs from 107 deliveries using six boundaries.

Following the dismissal of Rohit, the Indian batting experienced a collapse Cheteshwar Pujara (4), Captain Virat Kohli (0), en Ajinkya Rahane (5) could not benefit from the brilliant start the starting pair gave them.

The way Rohit came out was also much discussed, especially on social media, where many fans pointed out that the 34-year-old should not have played the shot that collapsed the bat. At the end of the day, the senior Indian victim gave his reaction to his dismissal, saying that he had to play the shot while England’s sailors bowled with a lot of discipline, and that they (Rohit and Rahul) did not get many loose balls. .

‘Not really, it’s my shot (the pull shot that Rohit took out), so I have to play shots. As we saw in the first hour of the game, we did not get any loose balls. Their bowlers were pretty disciplined. So you have to risk your odd chances when the ball is there. You must punish them, ” says Rohit in an after-hours press.

Rohit admitted that it was disappointing to see him come out, but he explained that one has to play his shots because English pastors barely give them a chance.

‘Of course, when it’s near the end of the game and you come out, you feel disappointed, and that’s what I feel about it. But you also have to be ready to play your shots because their bowlers are so crooked that you get almost nothing. So you have to put the balls, what are your shots and what is in your area, ” added Rohit.

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