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ENG vs IND: Sanjay Manjrekar reacts after KL Rahul smokes on the third referee’s call to eliminate him

Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar then responded KL Rahul seems unconvincing with the decision of the third referee to exclude him on day 3 in the current fourth Test against England at Kennington Oval in London.

It happened during the 34th over of India’s second innings James Anderson. The right arrow struck at a good length that scratched away to take the outside. The England players appealed strongly, but the referee on the field did not seem satisfied.

Dan, Joe Root goes up, and the ultra-edge gets a peak that led to the departure of Rahul. But the Indian opener shows his disappointment and indicates that the bat has hit the pads. In the replay, it was clear that the bat did hit Rahul’s path, but not when the ultra side showed the peak on the big screen.

In response to Rahul’s expressions, Manjrekar said in the post-lunch show that the third referee made the right call, as Rahul probably did not realize that the ball was kissing the outside of his bat.

“I think ultra-edge, worked beautifully. It realized exactly what had happened, “he said. says Manjrekar Sony Sports Network.

Manjrekar reckoned that Rahul might not have realized the feather edge as he had to hit bat in his mind.

‘The bat hit the back cushion as he came down, but made no contact with the front. You can (in repetition) see the contact of the ball with the outside. But you see another sound when the bat comes down. I think Rahul is innocent of what happened there. He had a strong realization that the bat was hitting the top. This was possible in his mind, and sometimes it is not easy to notice a feathery exterior. He simply did not realize that there is also an outside, ” added Manjrekar.

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