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ENG vs IND – WATCH: A fan hilariously falls to the ground while wearing a jersey in India ‘in Lords test

In the current second Test between England and India at Lords Cricket Ground in London, a funny incident caught everyone’s attention. It all happened when a fan broke the security and on the third day of the match penetrated the ground.

Interestingly, the fan of the team shirt’s team jersey ‘Jarvo’ written over his back. The whole episode stopped the play for a while. When the security officers tried to take the spectator out, he also tried to convince them that he was there to play.

This funny incident even left the Indian patient behind Mohammed Siraj split, which stands near the fan. It was indeed a bizarre episode, and netizens expressed their opinion on it. The screenshots of the video have spread on the internet, with several users separating memes from each other.

Here is the video:

On the third day, English captain Joe Root turned the tide of the game completely after flattening a tremendous century. He played a brilliant unbeaten 180-run beat to propel England, not only to overtake India’s 364 but also to take a 27-run lead.

Former English Opener Michael Atherton praise for Root’s incredible effort with the willow tree. He said Root received this reward for his remarkable work during the confinement.

‘I think it’s a reward for incredible work he’s done. It comes at a time when he was 29 and already had a fantastic career. But it only gave him the opportunity to rest, where he said: ‘I have the second half of my career, and I can go from a very, very good player to one of the greatest’. says Atherton as quoted by Sky Sports.

Atherton revealed that Root sat with the team analyst and worked on his dismissals of the past five years, which improved his technique to help his defense.

“He asked the analyst to send him every dismissal of the last five years or so, looked at it carefully and tried to find out where he could go from. He reaps the fruits of it. He has now made a slight technical adjustment, with the back leg straight back. It made him less vulnerable to the lbw when the ball was straight, ” Atherton added.

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