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“England just could not take the pressure”

Former Australian spinner Brad Hogg has announced that the pressure is starting to pick up on captain Joe Root, who was visible through the catch he dropped from Jasprit Bumrah and eventually lost focus. The home team England despite having a great say in the test, it was not the last day and it cost the test.

There is a lot of criticism of experienced fighters like James Anderson and Joe Root about their tactics against the tail buyers. They peppered very briefly well to show their aggression, but the field set was spread which allowed the singles for Shami and Bumrah. England from a winning position lost the Test.

Bumrah and Kohli in ecstasy after Root’s dismissal [Image-Twitter]

Brad Hogg feels Joe Root has undergone emotional stress

Brad Hogg mentioned that Joe Root dropping the catch of Jasprit Bumrah was an effect of the partnership building between the tail buyers and it greatly influenced his focus. He added Root was getting emotional tension because the field was not suitable, and England were given a chance to win the Test.

‘Joe Root dropped Bumrah into Moeen Ali’s slip. I thought he was hurting there too, but because of all the emotional tension, because Shami and Bumrah started a bit of a partnership, the captain lost focus and he lost focus on his fielding and he dropped the catch that England could help stay in the game and still have a chance to win, ‘ Brad Hogg told on his Youtube channel.

Joe Root
Joe Root (Image Credit: Twitter)

Brad Hogg Reckons Siraj kept it nice and simple

Brad Hogg felt that England had lost the plot after pressure from Indian bowlers came to them and praised the Indian bowlers for being aggressive. He added that Shami and Bumrah Joe Root and Hameed did not want to attack anymore but it works slightly but Siraj was ideal to keep the pressure on the game.

England just could not cope with the pressure the Indian bowlers put on them. I thought after Hameed got the first few wickets, and Shami and Bumrah started to get a little too aggressive.

‘They tried to be too attacking while trying to bowl the inswingers, and they saw a lot of balls along the leg. But then Siraj came and created the pressure again and kept it simple, ” He added.

Brad Hogg
Brad Hogg. Beeld-Twitter

England were tied for under 120 overs for 120 on the final day and India took a 1-0 lead in the series.


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