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England vs India 2021: Weather forecast for second Test

England and In the is set on each other in the second Test of the five-match series at Lords Cricket Ground in London, from Thursday (August 12).

The series opener ended in a draw after flushing out the entire fifth and final day. The rain and bad weather disrupted the whole test, and both teams will now hope that the rain gods stay away from the second game.

Luckily for the fans, rain in the second Test is unlikely to be a treat. The five days will be cloudy with deep sunlight in the afternoon.

Here is a look at the weather conditions from August 12 to August 16, according to metoffice.gov.uk:

Clouds cover the sky on day 1 at sunny intervals in the afternoon.

The whole day is covered with clouds with 5-10 percent precipitation.

The morning and the last session was an admiration for clouds with sunshine in the second session.

Day 4 would be much better for the game as most of the day would be bright sunshine.

The fifth and final day begins with sunny conditions, but clouds are expected to fall by 10 percent after lunch.

Both teams did well with the ball in the first Test, but the batting unit struggled to score runs. A similar performance is expected to take place in the second game as well. As the field carries extra bounce, it will help the batsmen free up runs.

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