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England vs India, 2021: Why such sudden desensitization towards Covid?

Former In the opener Aakash Chopra pointed to the double standards of the English media who criticized the Indian team for not playing the fifth Test. He emphasized that the England The team canceled their two tours last year – in Sri Lanka and in South Africa – due to covid reasons.

Indian players have started flowing from Manchester to the United Arab Emirates for the IPL 2021 after the Old Trafford Test was canceled after a covid-19 outbreak among Indian coaches and staff members.

Aakash Chopra asked why the critics suddenly became so insensitive to covid.

Joe Root and Virat Kohli (Image Credit: Twitter)

“You have to look inward a little bit. You came back from South Africa, there was no positive case in your contingent. Sri Lanka – you went back again. You returned to your home from other nations in no time. So why such a sudden desensitization for Covid? Aakash Chopra said in his YouTube video.

You may not have Covid now, but it will be found after three or four days: Aakash Chopra

The 43-year-old commentator recalled that some players could deliver a positive test a few days later, despite the fact that all players took the covid test a day before the game. Therefore, the match had to be canceled.

‘The Indian council is of the opinion that this is, of course, a cancellation related to the Covid-19, as the cases are escalating. “Although our players tested negative today and yesterday, they can come out positive in the coming days,” he said.

‘England believe the tour party had twenty players; all turned negative in two tests; there is no issue, why do you consider it a Covid cancellation?

Indian cricket team
Indian cricket team. Credits: BCCI

Aakash Chopra claims that the people who are positive about the virus in the dressing room are also taking a toll mentally, and that they would not have been at their best when physio Yogesh Parmar contracted the virus.

‘My opinion is that these are extraordinary circumstances. You should and should consider it a Covid cancellation, for the simple reason that you may not have Covid now, but it is found after three or four days, or your neighbor gets it, then you are not in the right state of mind. not. It’s not that Covid did not happen and you are thinking of ways to get out of the series, “said the former cricketer.

The two councils and the ICC are in talks about the outcome of the match. The BCCI also offered the ECB to play a rescheduled match.

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