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Europe wins Solheim Cup 15-13 – Golf News

Europe only claimed its second victory on American soil when they claimed an exciting 15-13 victory over the USA in the 2021 Solheim Cup at the Inverness Club in Ohio.

By the last day, Europe had a two-point lead over the home side and needed just five points to retain the coveted trophy.

It was Matilda Castren’s point that ensured that Europe would return across the Atlantic with a trophy in hand, while Emily Kristine Pedersen clinched the victory in the final game of the day.

Emily Kristine Pedersen makes the winning hole on the 18th green that Europe took on 14.5 points

“I’m so proud of this team. At the end of the day, I do not hit any golf shots. It’s really up to them, ”said the winning captain, Catriona Matthew, who becomes the first European captain to win the competition twice and defend the trophy. “It was they who won it. They deserve all the honor, so thank you, team. You made me look good! ”

She added: ‘It was really nerve-wracking to watch the last matches. If you’re on the sidelines, there’s nothing you can do about it. Matilda made a fantastic up-and-down manner from a covered lie in the bunker and then stabbed about an 18-footer to win her match. The tide turned a bit towards the Americans, and I think it just turned it back to us, and then Emily finished it off with her win on the last hole.

Europe got off to a bright start to the day and got on board early when newcomer Leona Maguire delivered a fantastic match against Jennifer Kupcho, giving her a 5 and 4 win. The Irish woman made a phenomenal debut in the Solheim Cup and won 4.5 out of the 5 points she has available.

Leona Maguire won her singles match 5 & 4 to bring her score of the week to 4.5

‘I absolutely gave myself this week. “I could not have given it anything more and I could not have asked for a better week,” said Maguire. “I also had two phenomenal partners in Mel and Georgia, who just made me do my thing and I’m so proud to get the points.”

Another point soon came to the fore for Europe when Madelene Sagstrom scored a 3 & 2 win over Ally Ewing. Minutes later, Celine Boutier scored a 5 and 4 victory over Mina Harigae to put Europe in the pole position, with two more points needed to retain the trophy.

“It was such a wonderful week. I just did not make a mistake, I played very strong from the start and it definitely helped me, “said Boutier.” The team chemistry was incredible, we all got along so well, and I think the the fact that we are isolated here among all the Americans has brought us closer together, because we need to stay together and play for each other. ‘

On a week when 16 out of the 28 many matches reached the 18th green, the last day was no exception and in the first game Anna Nordqvist and Lexi Thompson each earned half a point for their teams.

The start of a backlash effort in the US began when Nelly Korda pulled back a point with a 1-win win over Georgia Hall, while Nanna Koerstz Madsen and Austin Ernst halved their game. The Americans scored two more points when Megan Khang and Brittany Altomare beat Sophia Popov and Carlota Ciganda to bring the score to 13-11.

European captain Catriona Matthew takes a well-deserved drink from the Solheim Cup trophy

Retaining the trophy came down to Castren, who scored the 18th first-class finisher in the match against Lizette Salas. The Finn made an excellent up-and-down point of the bunker to seal the all-important 14th point and ensure that Europe would not leave empty-handed.

“It was so nice to have the whole team there and just see the blue and yellow colors along the sideline and people cheering,” Castren said. ‘I knew putt was important, but I did not know exactly what the score was. I just knew I had to get it right. Mikey and I chose a good line, and I chose the right pace, and it came in straight.

With Europe leading 14-11, the Americans claimed two more points to close the gap when Yealimi defeated Noh Mel Reid 1 and Jessica Korda beat Charley Hull 2 ​​& 1.

In the last game, Pedersen was 3 with three holes to play, but her opponent Danielle Kang fought back to make it to 18. But in a repeat of the last game in 2017, it was Pedersen who led the American. this time she buried her bird to achieve a complete European victory.

“It was a bit of a fight because after 15 I knew we were winning and I wanted to celebrate it with everyone, so I really had to gather myself. It was very good to make the last shot, ”said Pedersen. “I was so happy for Matilda. I think all of our newcomers did so well, and Leona did just as well. It was so important to us. I really had to gather myself in the last three because I could see them and I could hear the ‘olés’. It was nice to get it done. ”



Anna Nordqvist (EUR) tied Lexi Thompson (USA)
Defeat Madelene Sagstrom (EUR). Ally Ewing (USA), 3 and 2
Defeat Leona Maguire (EUR). Jennifer Kupcho (USA), 5 and 4
Defeat Nelly Korda (USA). Georgia Hall (EUR), 1 op
Defeat Celine Boutier (EUR). Mina Harigae (USA), 5 and 4
Nanna Koerstz Madsen (EUR) tied Austin Ernst (USA)
Defeat Matilda Castren (EUR). Lizette Salas (USA), 1 on (point)
Defeat Brittany Altomare (USA). Carlota Ciganda (EUR), 2 in 1
Defeat Megan Khang (USA). Sophia Popov (EUR), 3 and 2
Defeat Yealimi Noh (USA). Mel Reid (EUR), 1 op
Defeat Jessica Korda (USA). Charley Hull (EUR), 3 in 1
Defeat Emily Pedersen (EUR). Danielle Kang (USA), 1 on (winning point)


Defeat Yealimi Noh and Mina Harigae (USA). Celine Boutier and Sophia Popov (EUR), 3 and 1
Defeat Carlota Ciganda and Nanna Koerstz Madsen (EUR). Jessica Korda and Megan Khang (USA), 1 on
Mel Reid and Leona Maguire (EUR) tied up Jennifer Kupcho and Lizette Salas (USA)
Defeat Charley Hull and Emily K. Pedersen (EUR). Danielle Kang and Austin Ernst (USA), 4 and 2


Defeat Danielle Kang and Austin Ernst (USA). Georgia Hall and Madelene Sagstrom (EUR), 1 op
Defeat Lexi Thompson and Brittany Altomare (USA). Charley Hull and Emily K. Pedersen (EUR), 2 and 1
Defeat Mel Reid and Leona Maguire (EUR). Nelly Korda and Ally Ewing (USA), 5 and 4
Defeat Lizette Salas and Jennifer Kupcho (USA). Anna Nordqvist and Matilda Castren (EUR), 3 and 1


Defeat Nelly Korda and Ally Ewing (USA). Nanna Koerstz Madsen and Madelene Sagstrom (EUR), 1 op
Defeat Jennifer Kupcho and Lizette Salas (USA). Carlota Ciganda and Sophia Popov (EUR), 1 op
Defeat Anna Nordqvist and Matilda Castren (EUR). Lexi Thompson and Mina Harigae (USA), 4 and 3
Georgia Hall and Leona Maguire (EUR) defeated. Yealimi Noh and Brittany Altomare (USA), 1 op


Defeat Matilda Castren and Anna Nordqvist (EUR). Austin Ernst and Danielle Kang (USA), 1 on

Celine Boutier and Georgia Hall (EUR) join Ally Ewing and Megan Khang (USA)

Defeat Leona Maguire and Mel Reid (EUR). Nelly Korda and Jessica Korda (USA), 1 on

Defeat Charley Hull and Emily K. Pedersen (EUR). Brittany Altomare and Lexi Thompson (USA), 1 op

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