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‘Excellent in Barcelona, ​​terrible for Argentina’ – What’s Lionel Messi’s record in the knockout finals?

Lionel Messi will look forward to winning his first international title Argentina ever in the Copa America final against Brazil …

In the grand final of the Copa America 2021, all Argentine superstar Lionel Messi will be aiming for the international trophy of his long and illustrious career.

Messi was at the helm in the ongoing Copa America and currently leads the fourth goal scorers with four goals.

Not only goals, but he also provided five assistants involving his contribution to nine goals from the 11 Argentines who have scored in the tournament so far.

Although little wizard was nothing more than a phenomenon in club football for FC Barcelona, ​​success still eludes him when it comes to international football.

At the age of 34, Messi was given another opportunity to add an international title to his decorated trophy cabinet, and he will try to seize the opportunity.

Here we look at the track record of Lionel Messi in the finals of club and international tournaments.

HD Messi 2014 World Cup

What is Messi’s record in the final of major international tournaments?

The Argentine superstar has never won an international tournament so far in his career. He has come close to glory on three occasions over the past decade, twice in the Copa America and once in the World Cup, but he did not win a mustache.

In the four games, he has not scored a goal yet.

Tournament Outcome Year
America Cup Brazil 3-0 Argentina 2007
World Cup Germany 1-0 Argentina 2014
America Cup Chile 0-0 Argentina (4-1) 2015
America Cup Argentina 0-0 Chile (2-4) 2016

What is Messi’s record in the final of major club tournaments?

While Messi has never won an international tournament and has lost four times in the final in his career, but in terms of club football, his record is unmatched. The former captain of FC Barcelona has played in 17 finals of major tournaments and lost only three times.

Messi Champions League 2015

Out of the 17 finals he has played, Messi has scored in 13 of those matches.

Tournament Outcome Messi goals Season
league champion FC Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal 2005/06
league champion FC Barcelona 2-0 Manchester United 1 2008/09
league champion FC Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United 1 2010/11
league champion Juventus 1-3 FC Barcelona 2014/15
Copa del Rey Atleties Bilbao 1-4 FC Barcelona 1 2008/09
Copa del Rey FC Barcelona 0-1 Real Madrid 2010/11
Copa del Rey Atleties Bilbao 0-3 FC Barcelona 1 2011/12
Copa del Rey Real Madrid 2-1 FC Barcelona 2013/14
Copa del Rey Atletiek Bilbao 1-3 FC Barcelona 2 2014/15
Copa del Rey FC Barcelona 2-0 Sevilla 2015/16
Copa del Rey FC Barcelona 3-1 Alaves 1 2016/17
Copa del Rey Sevilla 0-5 FC Barcelona 1 2017/18
Copa del Rey FC Barcelona 1-2 Valencia 1 2018/19
Copa del Rey Atleties Bilbao 0-4 FC Barcelona 2 2020/21
World Cup Club Students 1-2 FC Barcelona 1 2009
World Cup Club Santos 0-4 FC Barcelona 2 2011
World Cup Club River Plate 0-3 FC Barcelona 1 2015

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