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Flexibility is the key to cricket testing: Jonny Bairstow

Swiss English batsman Jonny Bairstow stressed that it is necessary to adapt to different situations while playing the longest game format, and he is ready to do so in the second Test against a world-class Indian bowling attack at Lord’s.

Jonny Bairstow, who returned to the English Test squad in the Nottingham Test, has endured his fair share of the fight against the Indian bowlers in red ball cricket over the past few years.

He had a shocking time in India earlier this year where he registered three ducks in four innings on turn-friendly courses.

Asked whether Indian bowlers are more hostile in English conditions compared to their home conditions, Jonny Bairstow said-

“It’s quite an open question. The strength of the Indian bowling attack, whether you play in England or India or not, looks at a different kind of ball, ‘Jonny Bairstow said as he responded to ANI’s query.

‘If you play in India compared to England, you have different types of pitches, like we saw in Ahmedabad and Chennai, for example. Of course, different skills are needed to cope with this, but adaptability is the key to testing and being adaptable is more important, ‘Bairstow added.

England vs India, 1st Test, Nottingham. (Photo: Twitter)

The first Test in Nottingham ends with a farce as sustained rain ensured that not a single ball was delivered on the final day.

The Test was on a knife edge at the end of the 4th day, with India requiring another 157 runs and England needing another nine wickets.

Jonny Bairstow reckoned that the match could have gone to both sides on the final day and that both teams would take their positive part of the match to Lord’s.

‘Both teams will look at it a little differently, as it can be very difficult to chase 150, and we have seen our bowlers bowl very well. So who knows how the match would have gone on the last day, ”said Bairstow.

“We will take positive out of the game. I am sure that India will also be positive from their performance, “he added.

Bairstow signed off that he will continue to bat with the same approach as in the first Test.

‘It depends on the field, the circumstances. But I can not change my approach from the previous game. “I’m going to bat with a similar approach,” he said.

The second Test between England and India takes place between 12 and 16 August at Lord’s.

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