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Former Kaizer Chiefs coach Hunt finds no problems at Chippa United

Chippa United coach Gavin Hunt seems to have transitioned from a frustrating period at Kaizer Chiefs, but argues that “football has no style of play” after comments suggesting he may not have a defined game identity at his new club would not settle.

Hunt spent nine months largely disappointing with Chiefs and leaving the club while facing the semi-finals of the Caf Champions League.

He is now at a club with a reputation of alternating coaches, but has so far enjoyed life in Port Elizabeth.

‘We’re still looking at some players, of course we need to get a team you know. There are currently some test takers, ‘Hunt said. Sowetan Live.

“We will be ready for the start of the season, but we need players. We will have to start one game at a time when the season starts and see what happens. For me personally, it has been good since I arrived at Chippa, no problems. This is one of the things that happens in football. ”

In an interview with the media department of Chippa, the coach who wins the championship claims that “football is football” without a distinctive style of play.

While under Hunt, Chiefs struggled to have a unique playing identity.

The decorated coach is sometimes known for his radical approaches, such as not being a fan video analysis and GPS jackets.

‘Of course we try to increase the fitness levels. It’s pre – season and we’re also trying to find some combinations, so it’s a bit of a mix, ”Hunt said.

‘It’s not about style [of play]. Soccer has no style of play. Soccer is soccer. Once we have nailed the core of the players, we can definitely work on certain things we are trying to do and implement.

‘Game intelligence is something we definitely need to work on. Game intelligence is pretty broad; we need to get a little smart in how we play the game, and we need to have one or two ways of doing things. We also need some diversity when game situations give you different scenarios.

“We have to understand that. It requires work with players who are going to play. We have a few test runners here, which are very unique, but something I’m used to and expected.

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