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Former versatile New Zealander Chris Cairns has become paralyzed after suffering a stroke

Former New Zealand versatile player Chris Cairns, who recently underwent several surgeries after suffering a stroke in his spine, was left paralyzed in the legs.

Aaron Lloyd, Cairns’ lawyer, said in a statement on Friday: ‘During the life-saving emergency operation Chris underwent in Sydney, he suffered a stroke in his spine. This resulted in paralysis in his legs.

‘As a result, he will undergo a substantial rehabilitation process in a specialist spinal hospital in Australia. Chris and his family are still grateful for the great public support in these difficult times. They also appreciate the way their privacy has been respected.

Chris and his family now want to focus on spending time together, where possible, and making progress on his recovery. We’ll all update if there’s more news, but it’s probably going to be a while. ”

Cairns played 62 Tests, 215 ODIs and two T20Is for the Blackcaps between 1989 and 2006. He averaged 3,320 runs under his belt at 33.5 and also bagged 218 wickets in red ball cricket. In the 50-over format, the born Picton scored 4,950 runs at 29.46 and took 201 wickets with the best figures of 5/42.

However, his performances on the field were overshadowed by allegations of match-fixing denied by Cairns, which led to two court cases.

Cairns was cleared on both occasions, but complained that his reputation was “scorched” regardless.

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