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Gallagher: I study at Vieira & Cole, but I want to make goal kicks from midfield, like Lampard

The Blues midfielder can boast some of the best former players as mentors in his loan season at the Eagles

Conor Gallagher wants to add leadership and goals to his game to play more like his hero Frank Lampard.

Crystal Palace and manager Patrick Vieira have signed Gallagher on a season-long loan deal with Chelsea amid competition from both Leeds and Newcastle.

Now, with Lee Carsley and England’s under-21s, he will be training for the first time under Chelsea legend Ashley Cole. However, it is the legendary Blues midfielder Lampard that he wants to emulate.

What did he say about the Chelsea icons?

“Frank Lampard is someone I’ve always looked up to, as a Chelsea fan, it was amazing to look at him, and the number of goals and assists he got was crazy for a midfielder,” said Gallagher. of St George’s Park said.

“It’s ridiculous with his numbers. I want to be a goal scorer, but there is a lot of work I have to do. I got some goals that made me confident that day.”

On Cole, he added: ‘I have not worked with him yet, but I have already seen him on the Chelsea training ground.

“He was the best left-back in the world. He can teach me things – he looks like a top man and a top coach.”

How is Gallagher doing this season?

After missing the first game of Palace because he was unable to play against his mother club, the 21-year-old made a huge impact.

He started all three of his team’s other games, earning the latter for his performance away at West Ham, where he scored two brilliant goals.

Gallagher talked about watching old video clips of his new manager, Vieira, who was one of the best players in the Premier League and has a lot of information on how to succeed in the division.

The 21-year-old was asked if he had seen Vieira’s famous tunnel with former Manchester United captain Roy Keane while Vieira was at Arsenal.

“Oh, I’ve seen it a few times already, yes,” he says laughing. ‘I was a little too young to watch him play, but I watched videos of him.

“I’m very excited about how he wants to play, how he’s as a person and a manager.”

He adds that he wants to be a leader like the former Gunners captain, after wearing the bracelet while in Chelsea’s academy, saying: ‘I’m not a leader in terms of communication or shouting at the field not.

“I seem to be breathing so hard on the field that I can’t speak, but I think in the way I play, I want to lead in that aspect by working hard, pushing aggressively and helping others around me.

“I would like to think [that I am a leader], yes. “

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