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Gautam Gambhir reveals the reason for the appointment of MS Dhoni as mentor for Team India in the 2020 T20 World Cup

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) announced a 15-member India team on Wednesday for the upcoming T20 World Cup. The worldwide showpiece event will be played between October 17 and November 14 in Oman and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

While returning senior spinner Ravichandran Ashwin shook everyone, the appointment of former India skipper MS Dhoni as mentor of Team India received maximum attention for the multi-team tournament.

Once the top of the Indian council announced MSD’s name, it caused social media and attracted huge reactions from all angles including fans, analysts and former cricketers. This is especially Dhoni’s first involvement with the senior team since retiring from international cricket last year.

While the majority celebrated the appointment of Dhoni, many experts in the game questioned his inclusion, as India already has a head coach and batting, bowling and field coaches. Former opener in India Gautam Gambhir claimed something similar that Dhoni’s role would be defined as India already has many experts in the coaching staff.

‘I’m sure his role will be defined because you have the head coach, the assistant coach, the bowling coach, so I’m sure there must be something or something from Virat Kohli or Ravi Shastri that they would like, apart from what they already have , because India was very successful in T20 cricket. “It’s not that India struggled in T20 cricket, if they struggled, they might have to get someone from outside.” Gambhir said on the ‘Follow the Blues’ program Star Sports.

However, Gambhir also shared his thoughts on the possible reason behind the appointment of Dhoni for the role of mentor. The cricketer who turned up reckons Dhoni’s experience in dealing with pressure in crisis games could be the reason why he was used for the special role.

‘S MS’s experience or mindset of dealing with pressure in the crunch games could be one of the reasons why they got him as a mentor, not just from a skill point of view, because these guys all have the skill to be there. to deliver. ‘

“This is probably how you have to deal with the pressure in these important matches, because India missed these important matches, especially the knockout matches, so probably MS’s experience can tackle the team or handle the pressure in the important matches.” be a big advantage for these young players, ” the one born in Delhi added.

Gambhir believes the veteran stumper will share his experience and learning from the matches with youngsters, which will be to their advantage as most young men have not yet played a World Cup event.

‘You have to remember that most of these guys are young. “For example, if Rahul Chahar plays or plays Varun Chakravarthy, or plays one of these players, they have not played in any of the World Cups, so I’m sure MS will share his experience.” Gambhir added further.

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