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Germany’s new boss, Flick, wants to emulate ‘fascinating’ Italy and Spain as he returns to glory

The former Bayern Munich head coach was inspired by what he saw at Die Mannschaft’s competitors during Euro 2020

Hansi Flick said he would try to emulate the rival spirits of Italy and Spain, while promising to bring Germany back to glory at his first press conference as head coach of the national team on Tuesday.

The former Bayern Munich boss, who took over the DFB for Joachim Low, was impressed with the ‘fascinating’ intensity and passion of the parties during Euro 2020. Both teams took surprise runs in the tournament, with Italy lifting the trophy and Spain reached the semifinals.

So, Flick will try to cultivate the upbeat, high pressure style in the German squad after a 16 to 16 defeat against England in Lawe’s last game at the helm.

What was said?

“Our goal is clearly to return to the top of world football,” Said Flick. ‘It will not be easy, but our team is in good condition and we have a great amount of quality.

‘It’s not something that can happen overnight, but we are giving everything to achieve this goal.

“We saw the intensity and passion in the matches of Spain and Italy, and it was fascinating. They tried to put their opponents under pressure early on, win the ball high and use solid balls to make things in the match. happen.

“We can learn from the best and try to take these things in our own games. Step by step we have to try to get back to where we want to be.”

The 56-year-old added: “If you attack early as a unit, the road to the opposition goal is shorter. If you try to change quickly, you have a greater chance of success. That’s what we want from our team. “

The future of Muller, Hummels & Boateng

Toni Kroos has already announced his international retirement, and there are speculations that other veterans, such as Thomas Muller, Mats Hummels and Jerome Boateng, could be pushed out of the fight while Germany want to refresh with a younger team.

However, Flick left the door open for players who made a return for the World Cup.

“The best players will be called up,” he said. “If they perform as well as in the past, as I assume they still can, they are part of this team.”

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