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Gor Mahia suffers from problems created by FKF – Aduda

The K’Ogalo official blames the local federation for the financial problems they are facing after facing a fine of 4 million

The giants of the FKF Premier League, Gor Mahia, blame their current financial woes on Football Kenya Federation.

According to the club’s official, Omondi Aduda, the retiring champions cannot pay their players because the federation under Nick Mwendwa has imposed a fine after they and AFC Leopards did not play the Mashemeji Derby.

What did Aduda say?

‘We are suffering financially because of the federation, and it is a pity that a body has to help clubs and players; they are fighting against us now and doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do, ‘Aduda said Purpose on Tuesday.

‘We do not have money to pay our players because they refused to give us grants, what they gave us was half the amount and they took half of it [so as to clear the fine they imposed on us], it’s really unfortunate that we ended up in this situation.

‘A number of players are not happy with the situation at the club, and they have asked to go if we can not pay it, and we can only pay it if FKF gives us what belongs to us. [FKF] now hide behind the fine and let players and clubs suffer under it. ”

Gor Mahia wins FKF Shield Cup picture.

A month ago, Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards received a joint fine of 10 million Ksh – Gor (Ksh 4 million) and AFC (Ksh6 million) – for skipping the Mashemeji derby for claiming their federation grants. .

Apart from the club, FKF also decided to suspend the chairmen of Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards, Ambrose Rachier and Dan Shikanda, indefinitely and said that they had put the football in disgrace.

‘Why should a federation that has to help clubs financially fine the same clubs? Vra Aduda.

‘If the federation decides to fine the clubs, where will the same clubs then run for protection?

‘We can not go on like this, and to be honest, our camp is in shambles, we can not go on begging the federation for what we deserve; they have to respect their part and stop intimidating clubs, we know they have their own plans, [maybe to finish Gor and AFC], but it will not happen. ”

Already two players – Tito Okello and Clifton Miheso – have threatened to leave the team if they do not receive their accumulated salary at the end of the season on 22 August.

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