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Gor Mahia’s Rachier and AFC Leopards’ Shikanda summoned over FKF suspension

The two officials were summoned by the disciplinary committee after being banned for two weeks

Football Kenya Federation has officially filed charges to take further action against the chairmen of Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards, Ambrose Rachier and Dan Shikanda.

The two officials have been provisionally banned for two weeks each after their teams did not show up for the Mashemeji derby at Thika Stadium on Saturday.

At the ban on the two, Nick Mwendwa, president of the FKF, revealed that they must appear before the disciplinary committee of the federation for further braai and subsequent punishment.

Purpose received the two letters sent to both Rachier and Shikanda from the Independent Dispute and Arbitration Committee, which officially gave officials seven days to respond to the complaint, to which the committee will consider the complaint and return with its decision.

What does the letter from IDAC say?

In the letter to Rachier and Shikanda dated 3 August 2021, it reads: “The Football Kenya Federation has lodged a formal complaint against you, a copy of which is attached with the annexures.

‘You are required within seven [7] days of service to respond to the complaint through a witness[es]statement[s] or an affidavit[s] along with any submissions you wish to make by sending the same by e-mail to idac@fkfpl.com to the committee.

A hard copy of it may also be deposited at the FKF headquarters in a sealed envelope addressed to the chairperson, FKF-PL IDAC.

AFC Leopards vs Gor Mahia derby.

‘Note that if you do not respond within the given time, the committee will consider the complaint and return with its decision.

Rachier and Shikanda reject FKF ban

Both Rachier and Shikanda have since rejected the decision to suspend them, with the longtime boss of Gor Mahia viewing the ban and fine imposed on the two clubs as ‘trash’.

“You can not make a decision without giving someone the opportunity to be heard, not even for natural justice,” Rachier said. Purpose.

“The chairmen had to be given an opportunity to be heard. How do you suspend someone without instituting charges? Where are the terms of the fines and how were they achieved? Or are these people trying to conjure up 10 million Ksh? What is the basis of those fines? Are you judging someone you did not try, who you did not convict?

‘There is a disciplinary committee that is supposed to deal with us, and we need to know at that stage what the demands are. You can not sentence without a trial, it is a known process. To fine someone is a kind of punishment. But without hearing? This is the kind of trash that someone can talk about and say he is talking about law. ”

For his part, Shikanda says Purpose: “What powers does Nick have? [Mwendwa] should you suspend me? What membership number is he at AFC Leopards? Nothing will change and his suspension has no consequences; I will continue to perform my duties as chairman of the AFC Leopards.

‘The suspension will not affect my work at AFC Leopards, even if he suspends me for 100 years [forget about the two weeks], it has no effect on my work at AFC, it’s a joke.

‘What article did he ask to suspend me? He dreams and we will respond to him accordingly, no problem. ”

The two clubs were also fined a total of Ksh10 million – AFC Leopards Ksh6 million for being the home team and Gor Mahia Ksh4 million for the away team – and on top of that they were each deducted three points.

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