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“He really has the balls!” Chelsea boss Tuchel reacts to Van Gaal’s passionate tirade against Dutch journalist

The Blues boss was delighted to hear the coach of the Netherlands come to his defense about the team’s style of play

Thomas Tuchel praised Louis van Gaal for having ‘the balls’ after praising the Chelsea coach during an outburst at a press conference.

Van Gaal had an argument The Telegraph journalist Valentijn Driessen on the nature of a defense of three men.

The 70-year-old emphasizes Chelsea as proof that a 3-5-2 formation does not necessarily mean a defensive approach, saying: ‘I take my hat off to Mr Tuchel because he came in halfway [the season]. “

What did Tuchel say?

Tuchel was pleased to hear Van Gaal come to his defense and say he is an admirer of the Dutch coach.

“Someone sent it to me. , which I really love, ‚ÄĚTuchel said Sky Sports.

“He really has the balls to pronounce it, which he thinks. Sometimes it’s not to his advantage, but I think it’s nice now to hear him talk about football. He’s a certain age. He has’ a great experience.He has influenced football in general with all his clubs, all his teams at such a high level.

‘Not only because he defended me personally, it was nice of course, but overall he’s not afraid to speak out. problems and we want to protect a peaceful atmosphere … But he’s a nice guy, I like him. “

Does Chelsea play defensively?

Thomas Tuchel Chelsea 2021-22

Tuchel agreed with Van Gaal that his team does not prefer the defense over attacking football, but emphasizes that an attractive style is the most important.

“Well, what is defensive and offensive? I think you can debate for hours and weeks and finally for years,” the German coach added.

“For me it’s more about staying active. If you take the Champions League final, we did not have much possession and of course we had to defend because of the quality of Man City, but we were never passive. We never had just the bus in front of the goal.

‘If a game is active, it’s attractive. You must therefore have answers to all the questions, and you must respect the strengths and strategy of your opponent.

“Sometimes we have a lot of ball possession, but it does not feel like an attacking game. It felt like we were controlling it, but it was not like attacking football.

“So, what’s attacking football? One of the best transfer teams has been Jurgen Klopp in Dortmund and with Liverpool over the last year. Sometimes they don’t have much ball possession, but then you see these quick attacks – and they have these quick attacks. previously defended deeply.

‘So everything is connected and what I heard from Van Gaal, I was clearly by his side! defend, and also if you attack. “

What did Van Gaal say?

Louis van Gaal

Van Gaal’s comments were prompted by Driessen’s suggestion that he wanted the Netherlands to focus on a more cautious approach than the attacking style for which the coach and country are known.

“You have no idea. I’m sorry to say that, but you’re just a journalist,” Van Gaal said.

“You want to implement your vision, but you have no vision in football. You have a vision for the newspaper, fantastic. You attract attention and so on. But with 5-3-2 or 5-2-3 you can attack Chelsea incredibly. show it every time, with different formations.And I take my hat off to Mr. Tuchel, because he came in halfway [the season]. “

When Driessen points out that Van Gaal’s first book says otherwise, the former boss of Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich said: “Have you ever heard of evolution? I develop – and Memphis develops too. I, at the age of 70 .

“With 5-3-2 you can play distinctive football. Only you do not want to. Well, then you have to write it. I read it again and then a faint smile comes up again because I think: ‘there you have Valentine “It’s so easy to write. I can do nothing about it.”

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