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How ‘driven rival’ Ejeheri can break into Arsenal’s first team – Mertesacker

Raised by the enthusiasm of the prospect of Nigeria and Uganda, the manager of the Gunners Academy emphasizes what the teenager must do to break into Arteta’s team

Per Mertesacker does not rule out the potential of Ovie Ejeheri to break into Arsenal’s first team, revealing what the goalkeeper needs to do to make it a reality.

The teenager – who has been with the Gunners for eight years – recently signed his first professional contract with the Premier League outfit thanks to the steady growth that promoted him to the U18 team in 2019.

His incredible talent invited him to England’s goalkeeping training camp in 2020, and he was encouraged to follow in the footsteps of Arthur Okonkwo, who is now a member of the club’s senior team that went through the youth series.

Ovie Ejeheri

The former German international – who is now head of the North London academy – said Ejeheri has the potential to reach greater heights.

“Ovie has a chance to break into the first team; all of our young pros have a chance if they work hard enough, but the stage of the journey he is on is important at the moment,” Mertesacker said. Purpose, according to Utmostt Sports Management.

‘There will be a lot of exposure to senior matches that is necessary for a young talented goalkeeper to gain confidence and earn the right to be a first choice goalkeeper at the highest level.

‘He will have to undergo his learning journey, which is based on hard work, many mistakes and will never have to stop driving to achieve his goal.

‘He’ll have to go through this to be successful in football, and if not, we have a humble person with a multitude of skills who will find another place to match!

‘This is why we holistically support our young players to be’ strong young gunners’, we help them take their own path and have the skills they need to be successful and happy on or off the pitch. field.

Mertesacker PS

The former German international talks about the development of the youngster at the Arsenal youth team and what the future holds for him.

“Ovie has been with us for ten years and he has developed with our dedication and passion through our academic ranks. He delivers his best every day, ”he continues.

‘There have been ups and downs on his journey so far – a lot of positive football performances and then a few injuries that kept him out of the game for a while.

‘He has grown through these times with his support network and a team of passionate academy staff who have taken care of him, and he is now stronger for it.

‘Ovie is a driven competitor who works very hard. He will create his own path to achieve his personal best.

“We will support him along the way and help him approach all opportunities he can take.”

The goalkeeper, born in Greenwich, London, to a Nigerian father and a mother from Uganda, could in the future cause a selection battle between Uganda, Nigeria and England.

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