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How to enjoy golf and not let hay fever challenge your performance – Golf News

If you love golf but suffer from hay fever, you will probably know how debilitating it can be, with a significant effect on your performance and energy. Hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction to pollen or other allergens in the air. Most people who suffer from hay fever are allergic to grass pollen in early summer and many are allergic to tree pollen in spring. “Preventing the allergen is always the key to any allergy, whatever it may be,” says air allergen and creator HayMax Organic Allergen Barrier Balm Max Wiseberg Max offers a useful range of practical tips for golfers.

“Hay fever is the most common allergy,” says Max. ‘About 15-20% of us in the UK suffer from hay fever. Hay fever is the result of the overreaction of our immune system to harmless antigens such as pollen, which causes the unpleasant itching, redness, inflammation and other common hay fever symptoms. ”

The good news is that if you exercise a lot, hay fever will help. If you play a round of golf or other outdoor activities, avoid the morning or evening when the pollen is at its highest. ‘

Use an organic, drug-free allergen-blocking balm, such as HayMax, before you start your round. Applied to the nostrils and bones of the eyes, HayMax has been shown to trap more than a third of pollen particles before they enter the body. [1] where it can cause symptoms. Less pollen, less reaction! ”

‘Wear comprehensive sunglasses on the track to prevent pollen particles from coming into contact with your eyes. Tie long hair and wear a cap, hat or other headgear when you are outside to prevent pollen particles from getting trapped in your hair. ‘

“If you shower after sports and exercise, remove pollen particles and pet hair from your hair and body, which will reduce your pollen load. Shower at night before bed to get a good night’s sleep. ”

‘Many athletes stay well hydrated and eat healthy, and it also helps relieve your hay fever symptoms. If you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, you can stay healthy and support your immune system. “

‘Reishi mushrooms are thought to be rich in beta-glucans, which positively affect the immune system and reduce inflammation. It contains significant levels of vitamin D2. Elevated vitamin D levels are associated with a reduction in allergy development. ”

“Turmeric, which is commonly used in Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine, is a spice that contains curcumin, and has been found to have allergies. It is mostly used in dried form, it can also be bought fresh, and looks like ginger root. ”

‘Drink responsibly. Beer, wine and spirits all contain histamine, the chemical that relieves allergic symptoms in your body. In addition to being more sensitive to pollen, it also causes you to dehydrate, making your symptoms look worse. ”

‘Avoid dairy drinks that produce mucus. Excess mucus is exactly what you do not need if you suffer from hay fever. Drink water, fruit, herbal tea or any non-caffeinated tea. Calendula and chamomile tea are both considered to relieve hay fever symptoms. Ginger and green tea act as natural antihistamines, while peppermint reduces congestion. Aloe Vera has mild antihistamine properties; you can drink the juice diluted in water. ‘

‘Create your own hay fever first aid kit. One or more natural products, such as HayMax, one antihistamine, one nasal spray and eye drops. The interesting thing about this is that many of these drugs can be complementary to each other. So if you help but do not do all the work, you may be able to try other remedies at the same time and get a better result. But there are rules: never take two antihistamines with you, never take two steroid nasal sprays with you, and consult your pharmacist or doctor if you are already taking any other medicines. ”

HayMax Organic Drug-Free Allergen Barrier Balm is priced at £ 6.99 and is available at Holland & Barrett, Booths, Ocado, Superdrug, Morrisons and Boots, independent pharmacies, pharmacists and health stores, at 01525 406600 and from www.haymax.biz

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