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How to relax when it’s too wet to play golf – golf news

Nobody likes to play golf in the rain. It’s not good for the grass, and the ball will not behave the way you want it on the green. Since there are few places to hide on a golf course, you and your equipment are likely to be soaked. Most people are put out of the game after the first rain spots appear, but what then? A rainy day leaves you with time on your hands that you will not spend playing the beautiful game. Here are some ideas on how to relax when it’s too wet to play golf.

Watch TV

Even if you can not play golf, you can still watch it on TV. If you look at how the professionals do this, you will give a lot of tips for your own game, and you will probably see that your shot improves with the weather. If you are not lucky enough to find golf on TV, then rather watch your favorite shows on Netflix to help you spend the time.

Play online casino games

Experience the excitement of the casino without getting wet by playing casino games on your computer or tablet from your own home. It’s a great way to spend a rainy day, and it does not cost you much, as Bonusfinder UK listed the best bonuses and free spins that will keep you entertained for hours. Who knows, you might even win big.


There is nothing like reading along with a nice read and a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day. Ignore the weather outside and fall in love with your favorite author’s latest novel, or take the time to rediscover why you like a particular genre. Browse a magazine can also be a great way to relax. Time passes quickly when you get soaked, and before you know it, the weather could have become more golf-friendly.

Go to the gym

Just because you can not play your regular rounds of golf does not mean that you should skip your workout altogether. Rather go to the gym, and you burn calories and let your blood pump through your body. You will feel better when you do this, rather than feeling at home and feeling bored, as the endorphins that cause a good workout will make you feel refreshed and excited. Do not worry if you are not a gym, as many gyms offer a pay-as-you-go service, or you can try it for free.

Play bowling

If a trip to the gym sounds a little too energetic, why not gather your golf buddies and go bowling? After all, on a rainy day you will probably be just as bored as each other. Bowling gives you some exercise, but it also lets you release your competitive spirit, drink a few beers and relax with your friends.

Go to a movie

Movie theaters are a great place for a rainy day. The weather may be awful, but you sit in the dark with a big screen in front of you and surround sound to listen to. A movie is a wonderful form of escape and relaxation. Maybe you’re delighted with the latest James Bond movie, or pretend to enjoy a romantic comedy on a hot desert island. The choice is yours.

Go to a museum

If your desire to play golf is interrupted, you may rather have a cultural mood. There is a variety of museums to be discovered throughout the land, and the chances are great that there are still many near your home that you have yet to discover. Choose a museum that suits your interests, and spend the day going through the exhibits and giving your mind the workout that the weather prevented you from giving to your body.


A rainy day that cannot be spent on the golf course can give you time to do all the things you have put off in the house. Whether you put up shelves, paint the hallway or fix the leaking faucet, the result will be a fantastic home and a great sense of accomplishment.

Plan your next match

It’s a shame your golf game was canceled this weekend, but there’s always one next time. Use your time to relax and chat with your friends via Zoom or more than a pint or two in your local bar and plan your next game. Just because you’re not on the golf course, does not mean you can not get together and be social. Planning your next game gives you something to look forward to and hopefully it will not rain.

These are just eight fantastic ways to relax when it’s too wet to play golf. Enjoy them and hopefully the sun will come out again soon.

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