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Hungary promises a two-year ban for disruptive fans, but makes no mention of alleged racist abuse of English players

The qualifying match for the World Cup was spoiled by the behavior of the home fans and the authorities promised to act

The Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) has promised to issue two-year suspensions to fans who disrupted the qualifying defeat against England on Thursday but made no mention of the alleged racist abuse directed at some of the visiting players.

England’s 4-0 victory in the Puskas Arena was overshadowed by the behavior of parts of the home crowd.

Hungary fans mocked as the English side knelt before the kick-off in a protest march against racism, allegedly aimed racist chants at Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham and launched missiles at players during the match.

What was said?

Hungary responded to the controversy by promising to take action against those who threw paper cups and torches on the field, but did not confirm whether there would be consequences for those guilty of racist abuse.

A statement read: “The vast majority of the 60,000 fans present in the Puskas Arena supported the teams in a sporting way and cheered the Hungarian national team, even when the team had already lost. It is in defense that the minority disruptive ticket holders must be identified and severely punished.

“Fans entering the playing field, throwing torches and plastic cups are currently being identified. The MLSZ has already filed police reports against it, or will pass it on to the offenders through civil litigation.

“At the end of the proceedings, those convicted can expect a two-year ban on all sporting events.”

FIFA to take action against Hungary

FIFA has promised to take “adequate” steps against Hungary as a result of the incidents that undermined the clash in Budapest, a statement confirmed on Friday.

The country has already taken disciplinary action this year, as UEFA has issued a three-match ban for all fans due to homophobic and racist abuse during Euro 2020, but the suspension did not apply to the World Cup qualifier as it falls under FIFA’s mandate. .

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