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‘I drank to drink to relieve the pain’ – Lingard talks about mental health issues

The winger admitted he lost confidence after struggling for a few minutes at Old Trafford, but another person returned

Manchester United star Jesse Lingard admits he reached a low point while freezing out of the Reds’ first team, before reversing his fate during his loan spell at West Ham.

The English winger immediately made an impact in east London, scoring nine goals and contributing five more assists in 16 games after joining in January.

It was a welcome return for Lingard, who struggled mentally during his long period without football at Old Trafford.

What was said?

“We had times during the bad times when I started drinking at night, and it was not me,” he said. Daily mail.

“My dad has never been a big drinker. My mom has never been a big drinker.

“[Lingard’s brother] Louie looks at me and thinks, ‘This is not my brother’. I’ve never been a big drinker, but I took it for my own peace. When I finally opened up and started talking to the family, it really helped. I owe it to them.

“My confidence has been shot. You can be the lucky guy who jumps around on the practice field, but deep inside you wear the smile like a mask.

“I did not play, so I was off. Luckily I sent Louie videos of me under 21 for United and England. He tried to make me realize how good a player I was.

“‘Look at this! Look at this!’ So I thought, ‘You know what? I can’t throw it away.’ It gave me confidence, and the first restraint gave me a chance to reevaluate what I wanted in life. “

Jesse Lingard Manchester United Pre-season

Louie added: “I watched this kid all my life. There were matches where I had to leave because I knew he was not right and I felt helpless. You know when you beat a boxer at his last legs see, ready to be This is what I see, and at the same time the vultures come for him.

“They were picking away. There was a lot of online abuse. I’m not looking at Jesse as someone to analyze, or as someone who needs a new contract. I’m his big brother. I had to make sure this “He could not go. He did not want to fill his car with petrol because he did not want to go out. I felt powerless.”

Back to West Ham?

Lingard missed United in the Premier League opener against Leeds United after testing positive for Covid, but he hopes to return to the first team’s action in the near future.

He is also linked with a permanent move to West Ham, a prospect he and Louie refuse to rule out.

“It worked out perfectly. I could not have asked for a better loan,” he said of his time at the club. “I will always support West Ham. They remain in my heart and I will maintain the bond with them.

Asked about the chances of Hammers returning, Louie replied: “We heard nothing. We’re just sitting tight. Making an undecided decision at the moment would be very stupid.

Lingard agrees: “One hundred percent. I’m not going to rush into anything too fast. What’s coming, coming. I feel like I’m in the driver’s seat. I’m happy.”

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