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‘I felt exactly the same as Messi’ – Grealish when I left Aston Villa for Manchester City

Jack Grealish says he may have sympathy with Lionel Messi, as both confirmed their departure last week.

Grieslik Officially signed with Manchester City on Thursday, leaves Aston Villa after spending two decades at his hometown club.

Messi, meanwhile, left Barcelona this summer with the Argentine joining PSG widely, and Grealish says he fully understands that. why Messi was in tears during his farewell press conference.

What did Grealish say?

“It was so hard. I think everyone knows I gave back for the preseason as I intended, I went back a few days,” Grealish said during his introductory press conference in Manchester City.

“It was hard. In the back of my mind I knew I might be going. I did a little on my own … everyone saw how Messi was yesterday – that’s exactly how I felt. Before I left the hotel, I talked to the team and the staff and the players, and I tore myself up a bit.

“I felt it was time for me to move on. I have always said how much I want to play Champions League football. They have a football club that has so much potential. They are the most successful English team in the last 10 years. It has felt the right time. “

“I’ve been a Villa fan since I was four, my whole family has; I was a club when I was six. There will always be links there, especially with the big family I have, everyone is a Villa fan.

“At the end of the day, I’m now a City player and I’ll concentrate on being so successful. I came here to win silverware.”

No pressure transfer costs

Grealish’s move to City makes him the most expensive British player ever, as it costs £ 100m ($ 139m) to take him from Aston Villa.

Shortly after the move, Christian Purslow, CEO of Aston Villa said the club hoped a £ 100m ($ 139m) release clause in Grealish’s contract would be enough to ward off any suitors, but that was not enough to stop Manchester City from signing him for a record-breaking record.

With this fee, Grealish will now be expected to perform as one of the best players in the Premier League, but the striker says he feels no extra pressure.

“It probably didn’t sink in,” he said. ‘It means so much to me that the club was willing to spend so much on me, it fills me with confidence.

“There’s no pressure on the price, it shows how much the driver appreciates me.”

He continues: ‘It puts no pressure on me; i take it as a compliment, i like it, it’s a great tag to have.

‘When you see a club paying such money, it means they trust you and value you, they see so much potential to work with.

“I hope I can repay the whole club by winning as many titles as possible and winning the trophy we all want.”

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