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I want to break that stereotype

Senior In the cricketer Dinesh Karthik has adapted almost seamlessly in his new role as commentator. However, the wicketkeeper has not retired from international cricket and wants to ‘break’ the stereotype where Indian cricketers only comment after retirement.

Dinesh Karthik has been brilliant so far in his brief comments, starting with the WTC final last month between India and New Zealand, and continued in the England-Sri Lanka white ball matches.

He impressed everyone with his sharp, in-depth analysis of the game, a brutal teasing with fellow commentators, and his attractive clothes garnered love for the fans on social media.

Dinesh Karthik. (Photo: Twitter)

The 36-year-old points out that not only in other sports, but also overseas cricketers – English and Australian – comment part-time before retiring. He also wants to make it a normal thing among Indian cricketers.

“There are many other sports like basketball and football where current players get on the air when they are not playing,” Dinesh Karthik was quoted as saying by India Today.

‘Even now during the T20s in Sri Lanka and England, James Anderson did it in the next room for BBC. So this is a normal thing; it is only in India that I consider so (post-retirement option). Of course I want to break the stereotype to some extent and I like to do that when I am not playing, ”he added.

Much depends on how the IPL progresses: Dinesh Karthik

On his cricket, Dinesh Karthik was suspended from the Indian team after the 2019 World Cup semi-final against New Zealand; he was also ousted from the T20I side, despite statistics supporting him as one of the best finishers in the country.

Dinesh Karthik (Photo- Getty)
Dinesh Karthik (Photo- Getty)

The Tamil Nadu captain is now watching the second half of the IPL 2021, which will be played in the UAE in September-October, just before the T20 World Cup, to make an effort to return to the national team. to stop. In the 7 games so far this season, former Kolkata captain Knight Riders has scored 123, averaging 30.75 while hitting decently at 138.20.

‘A lot will depend on how the IPL goes, so look forward to doing well for KKR and let’s see if it helps me (make the Indian team).

‘Well, it’s always hard to play for India. You only realize (when you are outside) how tough the sport is. According to the statistics, I did well over a period of time. If I do well in the second half of IPL, who knows? he added.

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