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ICC announces the new points system and full matches of the World Test Championship 2021-23

On Wednesday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) confirms the changes in the points system for the second edition of the World Test Championship (WTC) 2021-23. The second phase of WTC will begin England versus In the Test series in August.

From now on, every match of the upcoming WTC is contested for the same number of points, i.e. 12 for a win, 6 for a draw and 4 for a draw.

In the previous cycle, each Test series had a value of 120 points, which led to a kind of inequality in the table, as a team that won a Test in a series of two matches scored 60 points compared to ‘ a five-match in which there was a Test victory. 24 points are valued.

While announcing the changes in the points system, ICC Acting CEO Geoff Allardice said the amendments had been made to simplify the points system.

‘We received feedback that the previous points system needed to be simplified. The Cricket Committee considered this when proposing a new, standardized scoring system for each match. “It has maintained the principle of ensuring that all matches in a WTC series are eligible for a team’s position, while accommodating the series that alternate between two Tests and five Tests.” said Allardice in a statement.

‘During the pandemic, we had to change to the rankings of teams on the leaderboard using the percentage of available points won by each team, as all series could not be completed. It helped us determine the finalists, and we were able to complete the championship within the allotted time frame. With this method we were also able to compare the relative performance of teams at any given time, regardless of how many matches they played, ” he added.

Just like the first edition of the championship, in WTC 2 up to nine teams will play six series each, consisting of three home and three away series.

ICC also announced the matches of WTC 2021-23 of all teams. Apart from the England-India series, the Ashes 2021-22 later this year will be the only other case with five games. Similarly, Australia’s tour to India next year is the only match for four matches in the coming cycle.

Here are the full matches of WTC 2021-23:

In the

  • At home: Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia
  • Away: England, South Africa, Bangladesh


  • At home: India, South Africa, New Zealand
  • Away: Against Australia, Pakistan, West Indies


  • At home: England, West Indies, South Africa
  • Away: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka

New Zealand

  • At home: Bangladesh, South Africa, Sri Lanka
  • Away: India, Pakistan, England

West Indies

  • At home: Pakistan, England, Bangladesh
  • Away: South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka

South Africa

  • At home: India, Bangladesh, West Indies
  • Away: New Zealand, Australia, England


  • At home: Australia, New Zealand, England
  • Away: West Indies, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh


  • At home: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India
  • Away: New Zealand, West Indies, South Africa

Sri Lanka

  • At home: Australia, Pakistan, West Indies
  • Away: Bangladesh, New Zealand, India

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