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ICC imposes four-year ban on wicketkeeper-batsman Gulam Shabbir in the UAE

Gulam Shabbir, the UAE wicketkeeper-batsman, a four-year suspension of all forms of cricket was imposed for violating six scores of the ICC Anti-Corruption Code during the series against Nepal and Zimbabwe in 2019.

The ICC has reported that Shabbir has violated Articles 2.4.4, 2.4.5. 2.4.6 and 2.4.7 of the Code.

The left-handed victim could not disclose the full details of the attempts at corrupt actions in connection with the series against Nepal in January / February 2019 to the Anti Corruption Unit (ACU).

He even failed to disclose to the ACU the details of the approaches or invitations to expose corrupt behavior regarding the series against Zimbabwe in April 2019.

He also did not disclose an approach taken by a teammate to disclose corrupt conduct in relation to the series against Zimbabwe and provided full details of facts and / or incidents that he was aware of that could have been corrupt conduct by other participants. proved, hid.

According to section 2.4.6, he failed to cooperate with the investigation of the ACU by not submitting all his mobile devices on request, and he did not submit the documentation requested by the ACU, and he also obstructs the ACU’s investigation by concealing information that may have been relevant to the investigation (2.4.7).

His ban is valid until August 20, 2025.

“Shabbir has played 40 matches for the UAE and he would understand his responsibilities as an international cricketer.

“He also attended at least three anti-corruption training sessions in which players were reminded of their obligations to report any approaches by corrupt people,” he said. Alex Marshall, ICC’s General Manager – Integrity Unit, said.

‘It was disappointing to note that he did not report any of the approaches. “Although he was cooperative when he was questioned and showed remorse, it is only fitting that he be banned so that a strong message goes to other players and potentially corrupt people.” he added.

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