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ICC must appoint neutral curators for the next WTC cycle: Mohinder Amarnath

The former versatile India, Mohinder Amarnath, wants the ICC to introduce neural curators and ensure that a winner is decided in the next World Test Championship.

Amarnath said the two-day matches, such as the day-and-day Test against England in Ahmedabad, were not fair.

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“You have to play on quality wickets. If you play on quality wickets, it does not matter where you play. Then it’s a fair competition.

“The ICC must form a panel of neutral curators as for neutral referees. The team must follow the ICC guidelines and ensure that the match goes until the fifth day,” Amarnath said. PTI on Friday.

The WTC match would have been split if the final between India and New Zealand had ended in a draw. Amarnath believes this is another aspect that the ICC needs to address in the next cycle.

“A final means that there can be no joint winners in any sport. Whether it is one match or a best of three finals. They must complete the final.” India currently need a versatile fast bowler like Amarnath, with Hardik Pandya being left out of the Test squad due to his inability to bowl regularly. The 70-year-old said it is the most difficult to produce that breed.

“They do not come just like that. They come once in a decade or once in 20 years. I’m sure someone will come, but it comes from the longer version of the game,” he said.

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