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If you do not adapt to the technology that is coming in, you will be left behind.

Former In the captain Anil Kumble has given his support to the technology and data used in sports to improve the performance of a player and a team on the field.

Referring to the example of the Decision Review System (DRS) used in contemporary cricket, the Punjab kings the head coach claimed that if the players and coaches do not accept and use the technology, they run the risk of being left behind by other teams.

DRS in use. [Image-BCCI]

The legendary leg spinner said during a webinar entitled ‘Building Competitive Advantage through Sports Analytics and Data Intelligence’, organized by Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai with Deakin University South Asia:

‘There is already the impact of DRS on cricket, and I’m sure there will be more technological impact on decision making. Also the fact that players accept that they are part of this innovation, otherwise you will be left behind. ”

‘I know, we’re still debating, is it too much technology in sport, or should I just return to my own belief that’ ok, I’m just looking at the ball, hitting the ball, it’s the simple way

“Yes, it’s the simple way, but I think if you do not adapt to the technology that is coming in and make good use of the technology, I think people are lagging behind,” he added.

Anil Kumble, ICC
ICC Cricket Committee Chairman Anil Kumble (Photo- Getty)

Anil Kumble further believes that the increasing OTT platforms will provide stiff competition for the regular broadcasters as they use innovative latest technologies.

‘I see not only the broadcasters influencing technology in sport, but even the federations will start looking at innovative ways to bring technology into sport.

‘Because it’s been TV and broadcasters all these years that have taken advantage of these innovations, which is very good for the game, and if we go to other OTT platforms, there’s more technology coming into the sport and that’s the biggest change for me. I look ahead, ”said India’s leading Test wicket.

As the game gets shorter, the reliance on data is much more: Anil Kumble

Anil Kumble
Anil Kumble (Image courtesy: IPLT20.com)

The legendary leg-spinner emphasized the importance of data in T20 cricket and other short-format cricket. Many players and franchises have adopted the data intelligence and hired analysts for it, while others are catching up.

‘As the game gets shorter, the reliance on data is much more to put together a team, strategies, matches, we’re still talking about matches, and this is how you build a strategy around teams, so be only the driving force, Said the 50-year-old.

Anil Kumble will be seen next time in the second half of the IPL 2021, where he will coach Punjab Kings. The team led by KL Rahul currently sits in sixth place in the points ladder with 3 wins in 8 games in the first half of the season.

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