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‘It is possible that games will not go smoothly’ – Nagelsmann admits that there are still problems in Bayern Munich after Gladbach’s friendly loss

The Bundesliga champions have been beaten 2-0 at home by domestic rivals, and their new manager says he is still ironing out several issues.

Bayern Munich manager Julian Nagelsmann admits the club will be able to start the league campaign 2021-22 slowly after suffering another pre-season defeat, this time at home to Borussia Monchengladbach.

The Bundesliga champions were defeated 2-0 by their local rivals to continue their subversive life under new manager Nagelsmann, who succeeded Hansi Flick at the end of the last campaign.

Nagelsmann acknowledges turbulent past months – with several players involved in international tournaments, plus the ongoing fallout from the coronavirus pandemic – mean that things will not fall into place as soon as the Bundesliga season starts in two weeks.

What was said?

Nagelsmann said at his press conference after the match: “We do not have much time and we will have to continue to develop through the league and competitive matches. It is therefore possible that one or two matches at the beginning will not be very smooth. does not expire.

“We are not the only club with these problems. Borussia Monchengladbach also have about ten international players and – like some other Bundesliga clubs – will need some time.”

Bayern’s uneven pre-season

The Munich giants have won each of the last nine Bundesliga crowns and are expected to take the no. 10 under Nagelsmann, who left league rival RB Leipzig to succeed new Germany manager Flick in the Allianz Arena hotteat.

However, they lost two friendly matches against the domestic opposition – they lost 3-2 to Cologne on 17 July before losing to Gladbach today – on both sides of a 2-2 draw with Ajax.

This means that Nagelsmann has enough to work on before confronting Gladbach again in the Bundesliga opening match on Friday, 13 August.

What else has been said?

Several Bayern players have come under fire during the friendly matches, such as the costly new defensive signing of Dayot Upamecano.

Nagelsmann says of Upamecano, who as he moved from Leipzig to Bayern this summer: ‘The classic role of the boss of the defense is no longer so’ in vogue ‘. These days, everyone has to talk and coach. Upa is not a ‘speaker’. ‘and will not become one.

“Nevertheless, he is a leader because of the way he plays, because he wants to defend, because he has strength and pace. Today he also played very good opening balls. He will gradually develop into an even bigger leader.

“He also has to arrive first and get to know all his teammates. Then he will also get louder. It was the same in Leipzig. On the whole, however, he is a calm player who does not coach every teammate constantly.”

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