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‘It was an unrealistic gesture’ – Selebwa gives a discount on Shikanda’s home offer to AFC Leopards players

The former Ingwe coach believes that the home offer by the team’s chairman has not been thought through and cannot succeed in Kenya

Gilbert Selebwa has charged AFC Leopards chairman Dan Shikanda with allegations that he will give every player at the club a new home if they win the current or next FKF Premier League season.

Shikanda said Purpose in a previous interview, all the players in the team were guaranteed for homes in Nairobi should the team end their 22-year wait for the leading title this season or the next one.

According to Selebwa, who has dealt with AFC on several occasions, the offer by Shikanda does not make sense because the club cannot afford it.

What was said?

‘It was an unrealistic gesture, it’s too ambitious, because nowhere in the world if you look at European clubs, you’ve never heard of it, or you’d hear someone say he’s offering players houses if they’re in the league. win. , ”Selebwa said Purpose Monday.

‘The only place I saw an offer on the table was the Uefa Champions League final during the Jose [Mourinho] period at Real Madrid when they were given one million dollars as a bonus but have never seen in the world where they offer such an offer as AFC players said.

AFC Leopards vs Bidco United.

A normal house in Nairobi should be about Ksh5million. If you have a team of about 40, that means you are talking about Ksh200million. So I do not think AFC Leopards have the ability to spend Ksh200m to buy players’ houses, I think it was something that was too ambitious, I do not think it was well thought out before it was opened.

“I still persist, it was an unrealistic offer. What he might have had to do is to first show the houses to the players before he draws up the offer, because where do you get 40 houses now, where are they being built? It was just an unrealistic talk and I do not even know if the players took it seriously. ”

However, Selebwa praised Shikada for the work he has done since taking over as club boss, but further challenged him to put long-term plans in place if he wants to succeed with the team.

Shikanda did a great job

‘He [Shikanda] did well with the team, at one point they were ahead [the league table]”and at one point they were title contenders, but I think, as usual, the two big clubs when it comes to salaries are where we go wrong,” he added.

‘As I move forward, I think Shikanda and his team [in office] must see how teams in Europe that win league titles function, or how they usually do their thing, what is the long-term plan that the teams have set up to succeed and many more.

“That way, AFC will succeed, but it can do no good to speak without action.”

In a recent interview, Shikanda said Purpose the home offer will still be in effect for the new season.

“The offer to win houses was valid for two years, so they have another year to get the houses if they win the title next season,” Shikanda said. Purpose.

“We told the players and the technical bench that the offer we made was for two years, and nothing has changed. All they have to do is work hard and win the title next season. a house in Nairobi will then be guaranteed. ‘

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