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‘Italy unbeaten in record 36 matches’ – Which national teams have the longest unbeaten run in football?

The Azzurri last lost a match against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in September 2018 …

Roberto Mancini’s Italy made history on Sunday after a goalless draw against Switzerland in a 2022 World Cup qualifier, extending their unbeaten streak to 36.

After a 1-1 draw against Bulgaria on Thursday, which helped them break the record, they were able to surpass the score on Sunday and create a new milestone. The Azzurri play next match against Lithuania on 9 September.

The Azzurri had an amazing run under Mancini and even won the Euro 2020 unbeaten, while Mancini’s team defeated England in the final after a nerve-wracking penalty shootout.

Their last defeat comes on 10 September 2018 in the group stage of the UEFA Nations League in 2018 against Portugal.

Roberto Mancini Italy Wales Euro 2020

From 1935 to 1939, the Azzurri undertook an unbeaten 30-match race under then-coach Vittorio Pozzo. During that period, the European giants won their second World Cup title (1938) and in 1936 won an Olympic gold medal.

Roberto Mancini’s Italy has now surpassed the record of Brazil and Spain, which were unbeaten for 35 consecutive matches.

It should be noted that Algeria along with Italy are the other national team running unbeaten. The reigning winners of the African Nations Cup are currently playing an unbeaten series of 29 matches.

Which national teams have achieved the longest unbeaten run?

Team Matches Tenure
Italy 36 2018
Brazil 35 1993-1996
Spain 35 2007-2009
Argentina 31 1991-1993
Italy 30 1935-1939
France 30 1994-1996
Algeria 29 2018
West Germany 23 1978-1981
France 23 2010-2012

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