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‘It’s a shame’ – Pellegrini breaks La Liga because he had the ‘most tackles’ and was the slowest league in Europe

The Betis boss says coaches, players and referees must make an effort to restore the reputation of the Spanish top flight

Manuel Pellegrini describes La Liga as a disgrace because he is too slow and says they need to do more to avoid wasting time and diving.

The Chilean coach drew his team from Real Betis 1-1 in their league match on Friday through Cadiz.

Pellegrini was disappointed that his team could not find the winner against such defensive opponents and felt that the Spanish top flight was being held back by teams disrupting the flow of matches.

What was said?

Pellegrini started a tirade in his post-match press conference and told reporters: ‘We have to make an effort between referees, coaches and players so that La Liga is not so shy, because during the referees’ meeting they told us that it was the slowest league in Europe.

“People want to watch a program, and we do not give it to them. Most wasted time, most dives, it’s a shame.

“There’s a show we have to take care of. People pay a ticket for something.”

What next for Betis?

Pellegrini’s team has two points from as many games so far in La Liga.

But a big test awaits his team next week, as they host Real Madrid at the Estadio Benito Villamarin.

The Verdiblancos have a respectable record against the capital club, but have won two and played one of their last six events.

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