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James Anderson Lauds Rishabh Pant’s Fearless Approach to Batting

James Anderson praises Rishabh Pant and his fearlessness and cites the Indian Premier League (IPL) as one of the main reasons for the rise of young batsmen. He also further said that every wicket in the Indian batting list is important as it is filled with match winners.

Rishabh Pant overturned Anderson over the sliding cordon earlier this year, just as the new ball arrived. This is something that would never happen to the older generation, and Anderson gives Sourav Ganguly’s style of play as an example. Speaking at a press conference before that of England 5-series test series against India, Anderson said:

Use Rishabh Pant as an example, and wipe me in the last tour of India with a new ball, and you never see it Sourav Ganguly do it. So, it’s exciting to see, it’s also another challenge for bowlers if you get this kind of player who is not afraid to play in Test cricket or play extravagant shots. I think it’s great for the viewer at home to watch.

Rishabh Pant (Image Credit: Twitter)

This is something I feel lucky to have been able to do, and it was a real experience to play against different generations of butchers. I think IPL generation players, you can definitely see a difference and a more fearless approach, not afraid to play a shot in any format,He continued.

‘We need to make a plan for everyone and every wicket is important – James Anderson

Anderson claims that every Indian wicket is important given the caliber and role of each batsman. Although India come into the first Test after losing several players to injuries, Anderson believes they are still very strong during the batting order.

Virat Kohli and Cheteshwar Pujara
Photo credit: (Sky Sports)

India has a very strong batting line-up and as an opposition you do not want to single out players because they have quality batsmen throughout. Kohli is obviously an important wicket as he is the captain and has a positive influence on the team.

“Pujara is someone who can stay with the fold for a long time and keep things together. But we can not single out one batsman, so we have to make a plan for everyone and every wicket is important,“The 38-year-old concluded.

The first Test between England and India starts on Wednesday 4 August at Trent Bridge in Nottingham. The caravan will then move to the home of cricket, the Lord.

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