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James makes ‘dangerous’ admission to Man Utd as Welsh winger starts playing ‘safe’ for Red Devils

The Wales international admits he has retired at Old Trafford, with a move to Leeds giving him a clean slate

Daniel James admits that fears about his lack of playing time at Manchester United have led him to take ‘safe’ options, and the Welsh international has conceded that he played a ‘dangerous’ match before seals a summer switch to Leeds.

The 23-year-old forward has played 74 games over two full seasons at Old Trafford and scored nine goals, but he was never a guaranteed starter and has faced stiff competition for places during his time at heavyweights in the Premier League.

He assumes that reconsidering his role in Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s plans has contributed to changes in his game that brought about his best asset – sharp pace – with the intention of unlocking those qualities again after making a move to Elland Road. got.

What was said?

The James Tells The Telegraph to become risk averse at Old Trafford: ‘I think everyone goes through a part of their career where you do not realize something is happening until you look back and have good people around you to analyze it.

I started thinking, ‘What is he doing that I can do? ‘rather than just thinking about my game and being myself. It got to the point that I was a little bit safe in games.

‘I bought myself for my direct play, ran in the back, ran with the ball, tried things and not afraid to lose the ball, but I slowly got away from it and played a little safe.

“When I stepped back, it was to remember that I was direct, to be that person.

“Safe is dangerous in the position I play. You’re not there to do that – you’re there to score goals and make assists and run yourself in and out of the ball.”

Will James discover his spark at Leeds?

Daniel James signs for Wales against Czech Republic 2021

Marcelo Bielsa finally got his husband who had previously entered into the agreement with James during the 2019 winter transfer.

Leeds fans have always been good to the Welsh since they saw a deadline break, and a new start is now being adopted by all involved in 2021-22.

James said at his new start: ‘Two-and-a-half years ago I almost joined the club, and a few weeks later I was playing there with Swansea and I got chicken that day because I had never seen in a match someone who does not sing an opposition player’s name.

‘It was a moment when you almost floated above your body and thought’ Is this really happening? ‘. I remember coming down and getting bigger applause than then [the Leeds striker] Patrick Bamford came down shortly thereafter.

“If I’m through that, after being in the other team, it’s going to be great to see how it is now that I’m actually playing for Leeds. I can not wait to be at Elland Road.

Leeds are back in the Premier League action on Sunday when they host Liverpool, with James in line to make his debut in the game.

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