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Jay Shah to state associations: It was not easy to move the T20 World Cup

The secretary of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI), Jay Shah, wrote to the state associations on Monday that it is not an easy decision to move the T20 World Cup to the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

In his letter – what Sportster saw – Shah wrote that the decision was made to keep the safety of players in mind. “After much deliberation, it was decided that the safety of players and other stakeholders is of the utmost importance. If we keep this in mind, it is best that we move the ICC T20 World Cup to the United Arab Emirates,” Shah wrote. .


The T20 World Cup played in the UAE and Oman confirms BCCI

“It was not an easy decision, and we looked at it for months and kept an eye on the COVID situation. However, the second wave finally put the safety and well-being of the There is nothing more we would have wanted than to have this to host a prestigious tournament in India, but that was not the case, “he added.

In a separate letter, the council’s president, Sourav Ganguly, also informed the state units that the decision had to be made, taking into account all factors. “Although, vaccination in the country is going at an incredible rate, there are reports of a third wave and different variants, which we just can not ignore. There is nothing more we would have wanted than to enter this prestigious tournament. India to offer, but it was would not be, ‘Ganguly wrote in the letter.


BCCI to form a committee to manage compensation for local players

On Monday, the BCCI formally informed the ICC that due to the pandemic it would not be possible to host the event in India. Ganguly has confirmed that the qualifiers will be held in Oman, while the main leg will be played over three places in the UAE.

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