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‘Jersey design took two years’ – Here’s how the new Man City jersey was conceptualized!

Sergio Aguero’s ’93: 20 ‘moment inspired Manchester City’s new home set for the upcoming 2021/22 season …

On 14 July 2021, the new Manchester City home equipment for the upcoming 2021/22 season was launched.

The theme of the home equipment was inspired by the iconic goal of 93:20 minutes by Sergio Aguero in the 2011/12 season in the final season against Queens Park Rangers, who clinched the title for the second time in history for the club.

What materials are used for the Man City jerseys?

“Before we design a jersey, we develop new materials, materials and technologies internally. Once we agree on a certain material, we do prototypes of the jerseys and then we reach out to about five clubs where we can test, and it happens three years ahead of time.

“We reach out to certain clubs in Europe and Latin America and talk to pro athletes, usually two-league teams, sometimes third-league teams, and we get their feedback on the designs if they feel comfortable or if something distracts, and then we evaluate the feedback. Sometimes we have to adjust some elements and sometimes we are good to start, “said Ulrich Planer, a senior graphic designer for all clothing at PUMA Teamsport. Purpose.

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When was Man City 2021/22 jersey design conceptualized?

“Once we decide on the template or the base material, we start thinking about what we can do for the season and it usually happens about two years before the launch. Together as a team we talk about concepts, club specific concepts, then we define what we are going to do on home and away jerseys.

“It probably takes about three or four months. The design phase then goes to the club, adapts with the club, then starts with prototyping, goes back to the club with the prototypes, another round of feedback and then we are hopefully in agreement. a certain design, “said the senior graphic designer.

How is a Man City jersey different from Dortmund’s jersey, manufactured by the same brand?

Man City’s new home set is manufactured with a combination of 100% recycled polyester with advanced PUMA dryCELL thermoregulation technology that ensures an uncompromising fit and mobility and keeps the player dry and comfortable. The jersey integrates an ultralight jacquard structure in the back of the jersey to enhance breathing during intense performance.

“We always want to give our teams the best technology. We do not want to make a difference between a German club or an English club. They all get the best jersey there is.

“The difference, of course, is the club colors and crowns and also the unique stories we give to each club. Man City may want to celebrate, otherwise Dortmund may have something else in mind. The uniqueness comes from the different stories,” he said. Planner said.

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